bobby the gook, week 7

ok kids, i'm off to san antonio. we'll settle up later, but here are this week's picks. home team in caps, lines from caesar's palace.

kc (-1) over MIA
STL (-3) over no
gb (-3) over MIN
HOU (+15.5) over ind
CIN (+1) over pit
PHI (-3.5) over sd
CLE (-3) over det
sfo (+13) over WAS
SEA (-3) over dal
OAK (-3) over buf
CHI (-1) over bal
ten (+3) over ARI
NYG (+2) over den
ATL (-7.5) over nyj

ok gottago, don't know if i'll be able to do anything extra this week, so bonus props are closed.


alfredo said...

dammit, bob, i like the way you ignore my high scoring last week and don't provide an update of our score. also- what do you mean, bonus props are closed? i'm still going to pick a three team parlay at least. screw you, cheater.

Erik said...

Bob, you're a fucking idiot. The Lions have FB Schleshinger back and that means we finally have who? K JONES back. Plus, we'll likely see the debut of Garcia against his old shitty team. Detroit wins in a shootout, and Dre Bly gets at least another interception for a TD. 35-21, Lions. What is wrong with you.

alfredo said...

Bob, you damn fool-

kc(+1) over MIA - the game is tonight which throws this whole thing out of whack, but whatever. also, the line should be kansas city getting a point.

no(+3) over STL - st louis is dead without bulger.

gb(-3) over MIN - i am picking too many teams on the road.

ind(-15.5) over HOU - i wouldn't bet on this one as i would think the colts will play it close to the vest, ease into their bye week, and then come out firing all of their guns against new england. i just don't want any part of houston, though.

CIN(+1) over pit - i thought cincy was favored here. i think bob messed up this line, but i'll roll with it.

sd(+3.5) over PHI - only one of these teams can run the ball.

CLE(-3) over det - i am not sure what the good people of detroit did to deserve the lions and tigers. erik, maybe God is punishing you for all of your self-abuse.

sf(+13) over WAS - washington should kill the 49ers, but every week the redskins end up in a close game. i'll lay that many points when i see them blow someone out.

SEA(+3) over dal - all signs point to seattle. dallas is itching for one of their midseason letdown games. the only x factor is the greatness of parcells vs. the fraud of holmgren. bet the cowboys in the second half.

OAK(-3) over buf - i think we are in the minority on this one. everyone seems to think that buffalo and whoever their qb is can win on the road. i doubt it.

CHI(-1) over bal - who cares.

ten(+3) over ARI - i just think that 3 is too many points for arizona to give to anyone.

NYG(-2) over den - dammit, bob, new york is favored in this game. get it right. i am just continuing my yearlong bet against the broncos "strategy."

ATL(-7.5) over nyj - mike vick vs. testaverde.

oh and since you didn't have a big bet, i won't either. but i will get this parlay: SEA, OAK, ATL