fred smoot knows how to party

1) a few minnesota vikings were allegedly caught on some kind of freaky-deaky prostitute fun boat in lake minnetonka. according to the story, a chartered boat had to come back into port because the crew was upset about lewd behavior going on the boat, that included strippers, drunkeness and oral sex, both given and received by minnesota players. everyone's getting their panties in a bunch about the idea that off the field their athletic heroes aren't saints. here's my take:
  • as someone who used to drive a limo, it's ridiculous that the crew would get upset over the partying. that's why people rent these boats, so that they can party. i'm not approving of the behavior of the vikings (although i kinda do), but all i know, is that narcing out your rides is not a good way to get a tip.
  • it seems that every single player that has been linked to the fun cruise are issuing denials of all sorts. a marina worker is swearing up and down that cornerback fred smoot paid for all of this, and smoot is denying this up and down, threatening legal action, safety darren sharper denies even being there and running back mewalde moore denied that any hanky-panky was going on. sounds like a bunch of guys who don't have their cover story straight if you ask me.
  • i really don't see what the big deal was. all anyone had to do was to make like prince and purify themselves in the waters of lake minnetonka.
2) further proof that louisiana actually really hates the saints.


Erik said...

that line about prince is easily the best line I've seen on any blog, anywhere this year. holy shit.

d. culpepper said...

i liked the line about mewalde moore eating fred smoot's feces and saying to a reporter "smoot's poop's the loot, shoot."

that and the one about darren sharper issuing his denial while quietly jacking off to video of himself banging one of the crew members in the ass.

those were good, too