mike price: still a douchebag

you know, when other bloggers take a hiatus and start writing again, they're usually greeted with all sorts of comments like "good to have you back", or "glad you're computer is ok, keep bloggin'" or some generic crap like that. my faithful blog readers greet my return with complete difference. well screw you, i don't write for soviet union, i don't write for you, i write for drago!

1) mike price settled out of court with sports illustrated over the story about him and strippers that got him fired from alabama. according to the story, he originally sued for 20 million and as how these cases usually go, i would guess that he probably got less than half that. anyways, he's quoted in the story:
I can't tell you how much I appreciated my wife, Joyce, and my family's loyalty and love. Without their strength, encouragement and support I don't know if I would have made it.
his lawyer follows up with more douchey statements:
We have won every legal battle at every corner. We think we have vindicated his name. Two and a half years ago we said we would, and we think we have.
excuse me, just cuz you don't bone a skank stripper doesn't mean you didn't take recruits out there and get plowed on the university's dollar. yet mike price continues to gripe about being unfairly dismissed. so it seems to me what mike price is saying is "i'm not the complete douchebag you thought i was, i'm only half." not that it matters, he's back in coaching as if nothing happened. sure he's not at alabama, but he's still at a major university with a pretty cushy gig. man college sports is so slimy.

2) after hurricane katrina hit, a bunch of sportswriters wrote about how important sports to the region and how important that the teams keep playing to keep up the morale of the displaced peoples of louisiana. well, with the horrible start by the saints, coupled with poor support from the rest of lousiana, it looks like nobody gives a flying crap about sports when they've lost every single material possesssion they have. the great thing about this is, that in all likelihood this will end up like everything else in america. the saints are going to say "f it" and move to california.

3) finally, an indie band that gets it (big file, dial uppers may take a while).

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