the ragin' asian gratefully acknowledges your patience

hello blog reader,

as some of you regulars may have noticed, my blogging output has been quite a bit down over the past few weeks. part of it was because i had to overhaul my computer. my motherboard died and that meant it was time for a processor upgrade, which meant shelling out lots of cash for components and what not. however, i am happy to report that i feel very confident in my computer building skills and if any of you blog readers need a new desktop, i think i can put one together for you pretty cheap. just email me and we'll work it out a price quote. but i digress, because of the new hardware, every time i sat down at a computer i've been tweaking the settings and installing stuff that i had on the old computer. i think i've finally gotten my computer to where i want it. which means that now when i sit down at the computer, instead of wasting time trying to overclock my video card, i'll waste it reading the web and blogging like i used to. i'm glad to be back and look for more than just the football picks, although, i must admit, they've been wildly entertaining in their futility. anyways, if you look over to the right, i've added some links that you might want to check out foryour procrastination needs. i'll also leave with some more fun links that i've stumbled upon now that i'm back in full web surveillance mode.

1) snake eats alligator in florida - finally, something good to come out of all those hurricanes.

2) worst mix tape ever contest - the great thing about this movie is just seeing a stand up comic that's brown. for you non dsl people, this may take a while, but it's worth it, i promise.

3) this may only be funny if you're from texas. but if you're from texas...it's pretty good.

4) the reason that americans don't know anything about canada is because there's nothing worth knowing about canada. still, a pretty good gag.

5) your sports link for the day. backbackbackbackbackback......


Anonymous said...

No Curtis My Favorite Martin on the definitive list?

I've apparently been getting annoyed out of my fucking mind for the past 2 years for no reason at all.

Bob said...

eh ding...look under the m's.

Erik said...

Glad to have you back, Bob!

H8R said...

definitely not the complete list. where's Ben "Winter" Coates?