weekend quick hits

1) jean van de velde is a big douchebag. for those of you who don't remember, he's the pro golfer who went in to the last hole of the 1999 british open with a four shot lead, went all tin cup on the hole, triple bogeyed and lost. anyways, he says he's going to try and qualify for a major women's event next year, the british open. he says he wants to expose how ridiculous it is to let a woman play on the men's tour. a couple of things that need to be said. first, the whole logic behind this kind of crap is just so stupid. no it's not the same thing as when a woman competes on the men's tour. and no it's not different because men are superior athletes. women are not welcomed in the brotherhood of sport, so it is a big deal when we see at least some attempt at equity within a sport...i.e. annika or michelle wie playing on the men's tour. when the opposite happens, it's just the same kind of oppression and ignorance being repeated. his argument is like the argument that affirmative action takes away jobs from whites. just stupid. the second thing that needs to be said is that i think it's pretty easy to see why van de velde is doing this. aside from his big choke in 99, he's generally had a pretty successful career. however, he's never been able to live down '99. i think that he must really hate this legacy. not that i blame him either. it must be hard to live with the title of one of the professional sporting worlds biggest chokers of all time. so it follows that what he is doing now, making a big hoo-ha about women's golf is simply an attempt to distance himself from this legacy. which makes this all the more sorrier, since he probably really doesn't care whether or not women play on the tour. however, there is good news. no matter what happens, his arrogance and idiocy cost him a major in 1999. he is basically the only professional golfer who goes into that situation and then loses. which no matter what happens with the women's golf thing, makes him one of the parigdigmatic losers of all time.

2) dodgers gm, paul la podesta got fired this weekend. for those of you who are only casually interested in baseball, this isn't that big a deal. for those of you who are very interested in baseball and my dissertation topic, the use of sabermetrics in baseball, then this is extremely interesting. i'm working on a much more longer and involved post right now, so keep your eyes out for it, but it definitely warrants mentioning in the weekend round up section.

3) news from the world of hip hop...did anyone see this coming? the only thing left now is to get suge and dre back together.

4) for some reason, my roommate thinks my blog readers need to my commentary on the fact that the actor that played mr. sulu, george takei has come out of the closet. first of all, actors coming out of the closet is about as newsworthy as israelis and palestinians blowing each other up. we all know that it's happening, but the truth is, most of us don't really care. second, anyone who knows their pop culture knows that a subculture of star trek fans exists that write slash fiction dedicated to exploring the homoerotic nuances of star trek. even though the focus mostly on spock and kirk, there are a few forays into the other characters such as sulu. i could go on about how this is a convergence of the real world with this subculture, let me reiterate, i don't care. i guess he's asian and that should be of interest of me, but this is someone who has been in show business for a long time, and according to the story, has been out to his family in friends for a long time. so i guess it's great, but it won't be as blog worthy as when kordell stewart comes out of the closet (actually, my money is on terell owens).

you tell me...who looks gayer?

5) it looks like the saints are headed out of new orleans. bill simmons of espn.com likens this to the guy who divorces his wife while she is in a coma for a blonde bimbo, which i think is a pretty good analogy. of course everyone, particularly those from louisiana are all pissed off and calling for the cleveland plan (when the browns left, the league got art modell to give up the rights to the browns name and promised cleveland the first expansion franchise). now i feel bad for the state and all, but it's not like the dallas cowboys are up and leaving or anything. i'm sure that saints' fans will be upset, but honestly, are there thay many of them? especially with the way they've been playing lately? if i'm the owner of the saints, who was thinking about moving the franchise anyways, why would i commit to stay in a town that is at least a decade from full economic recovery? it's his right to leave i say. it just seems weird to me that an enterprise that is as capitalistic as pro sports is held to such socialistic expectations. which of course, is the whole point of my dissertation, but more on that later.

6) lindsay lohan to star in indie film written and directed by emilio estevez. there are a lot of things that are strange about that last sentence, i don't even know where to start. let's just hope that it's one of those indie films with lots of nudity.

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Erik said...

Thank you for finally offering your comments on the biggest entertainment story of last week: an actor whose last major role was in 1991... is a gay homosexual.

This story was A TOP STORY on CNN.com, ABCNews.com, FOXNews.com, MSNBC.com, and even BBCnews.com. Yes. That's a bit weird, isn't it, that a former TV star comes out and it's huge news?

Also weird was Startrek.com's news story on the coming out event:

"It's a news story that's getting almost equal billing to the indictment of a top White House official: George Takei has come out of the closet and admitted publicly that he is gay." (italics mine)

"Admitted," as though he'd admitted to commiting a crime or something.

But, you're right, Bob, the fact that a slightly famous Asian guy coming out of the closet made big news across the globe doesn't belong on your blog at all. It has nothing to do with football.

Now get back to reading your Kirk/Spock gay fantasy novels.