weekend roundup

it was just one of those weekends, when nothing happened but advancing through levels of tony hawk underground 2. but a whole lot worth blogging happened, so i'm going to make this an extra long one.

let's start with two stories about women in sports

1) michelle wie got disqualified in her first tournament as a pro. now i don't care about her getting dq'ed. rules is rules. however, when i watched the press conference afterwards it did seem rather surreal that this girl was having to answer tough questions about competing on a pro level. on the one hand, i suppose that she should have expected it when turning pro. however, it was quite uncomfortable for me to watch this 16 year old girl atone for her mistake so publicly. i mean she's 16! perhaps i'm being a little sexist, as i can't tell you how i felt when fredy adu first got asked this kind of question, but from what i can tell, wie is very much a 16 year old girl, who's not that articulate, and i'm afraid that money is going to ruin her, if it already hasn't. did i mention that she's only 16?

i don't care how good at golf my daughter is, i'm never gonna let her wear shoes like that.

2) atta-girl danica. i can't even begin to get into the ridiculousness of this story. just read it yourself, and know that if it were a male instead of danica patrick, you'd never hear such inane quotes from race car drivers. oh wait a second, yes you would because professional race car drivers are idiots.

now's here's the rest of the best of the weekend.

3) a-rod's mom says that he was distracted by the death of his uncle. this may be well and true but it doesn't change the fact that a-rod never has been good in a pressure situation before. there are a ton of studies done to disprove the idea of a clutch hitter, all of which i believe. however, i haven't seen any any studies done on the idea of anti-clutch.

4) tedi bruschi has been cleared by doctors to return to the field following a stroke 6 months ago. a couple of things about this. first, it kills me that everyone is calling him the spiritual leader of the patriots. lack of spiritual leadership isn't the patriots problem. it's corey dillon being injured and duane starks not being able to cover anyone. second, i think that it might be illuminating to compare the rhetoric surrounding his possible return to someone else's. last night, on espn chris berman kept saying, "no matter what the decision, i think everyone hopes that it's the right decision." today, in peter king's monday morning quarterback column (scroll down, item 1d) he says:
I hope Tedy Bruschi's making the right decision. I have a feeling he is. I know it's fashionable in my business to rip what Bruschi is about to do -- come back to play football eight months after having a minor stroke, but I can't put myself in his shoes, and I can't blindly rip a doctor who says Bruschi's not at risk by playing football.
here's the deal, no one is ripping brusci. instead the feeling i get is that most people are hailing him as the savior for the pats. the one that can inspire all these fuzzy feelings in his fellow teammates which will turn around new england's disappointing start. if he does return, words like "courage", "toughness", and "desire" are going to be tossed around like monkey's flinging their own poop. if god forbid anything happens to bruschi after he makes his return, you'll hear the ultimate empty sports platitude, "sacrifice" being used. in other words, the press can't wait for tedi bruschi to return since it'll make a great story about an selfless athlete who embodies the ideals of sports. all this about a guy who has been cleared by medical professionals to play. they make it sound like lazarus rising from the dead or something.

now let's compare this to the reaction last year, when terrell owens, against the advice of his doctors, came back and while risking a career ending injury, gave the eagles the only shot they had at winning a super bowl. if you recall, everyone called him selfish, a prima donna, and someone who was a distraction to his teammates. don't get me wrong, i know that t.o. is an ass and i'm actually a big bruschi fan (fellow U of A wildcat), but if you really think about it, these two situations aren't that different. in both situations, you have pretty good players coming back to their team despite substantial health risks for themselves. the difference of course is their reception by media, et. al. oh yeah....one guy is a white choir boy with the waspiest haricut of all time, and the other guy is a black guy who speaks his mind. i'll let you connect the dots.

hi everyone, my name is tedi. just because i have a big hole in my heart, it doesn't mean i still don't love robin williams and billy joel. seriously...my hair kicks ass.

5) the new owner of the minnesota vikings, zygi wilf is promising to clean up the football program over there. in fact, he's already hired a security director at the behest of NFL commisioner/fascist dictator paul tagliabue. well...good luck with all that. pro athletes are pro athletes. sure the minnesota viking funboat may have been a little crazy, but to think that NFL players are going to all of a sudden stop having illicit sex with the numerously available athlete groupies is stupid. maybe if all players were more like tedi bruschi....ah never mind.

6) what the vikings really ought to do is hire this guy. according to the story, the principal of a catholic high school cancelled prom when he found out that students use prom as an excuse to get drunk and lose their virginity. at first glance, i thought that this guy was just being a party pooper, but it turns out that if you read the article, this guy may not be out of line after all. these kids sound like a bunch of little a-holes who need a good kick to the crotch if you ask me. and now that i think about it, while my prom was ok, if i could go back in time, i'd rather have the money that i spent on it back.

7) back to paul tagliabue...did anyone know that his son is openly gay? me neither until i read it this past week on deadspin. in fact, he's so gay that paul tagliabue has won an award from PFLAG for being such a swell father to his gay son. well, maybe that doesn't have anything with his son's degree of gayness, but i digress. it's just real interesting to think that someone that the GLBT (is that what they're calling it these days? did i miss anyone?) community considers such an ally would be in charge of an institution that reinforces traditional masculinity discourse (which of course, includes homophobia), but at the same time, be one of the most homo-erotic spectacles in the history of ever (i heart mike vick!). while i guess that whatever the tagliabues did to deserve the award is nice, but it seems to me that the NFL is one of the more tight lipped organizations when it comes to this issue. and of course, as we all know, silence means acceptance of the status quo. all i'm saying is that PFLAG ought to think about that before they hand out awards to any famous straight people with gay relatives.

8) i caught most of the USC-Notre Dame game this weekend, and it was easily one of the best college football games i've seen in years. you thought matt leinart was getting lots of tail before? i can't even imagine the number of groupies that are going to lined up outside of his door, now that he's a bonified sports hero.

holy cow pete! either your penis is a lot bigger than i though or my a-hole is a lot smaller.

9) this is really a bad idea.

10) this is a great idea.

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Mrs. Brady said...

I like your take on TB Bob, and thanks for pointing out the racially structured rhetoric surrounding sports comebacks from injury. You rule.