white people love football guys with crew cuts

after a start that surprised everyone, notre dame gave charlie weiss a 10 YEAR EXTENSTION!!!!! ten freakin years after just five lousy wins. and they're gonna give him 3 million a year! what the hell is going on!

let me get this straight. ty willingham brings notre dame back from the dead his first year, gets no extension and then gets fired 2 years later. charlie weiss wins five games (and loses two games he probably should have won), and they give him 10 freakin years and a zillion dollars.

it'll be interesting to see if good ol' boy charlie weiss will get the same kind of treatment that willingham did if he falters after just two years. i'm not saying that notre dame is racist, but why didn't ty willingham get that kind of extension halfway through his first freakin season?

for a while i was back on the notre dame bandwagon for a while. black head coach, moved away from the midwest around the really obnoxious notre dame fans....yeah, i'm off of this wagon now. i don't care how good charlie weiss is, the lack of integrity in their football program is more evident than ever. lou holtz would've never put up with this crap.


alfredo said...


i think you're wrong on this one. weis got an extension because he has a ton of leverage in his favor. weis and notre dame know that there are handful of nfl teams (houston, minnesota, green bay, st. louis...) that would hire weis in a second for more than $3million per year if given the opportunity. the only way to keep weis on board was to up the ante. whether or not notre dame keeps him for the ten years will depend on his won-loss record.

if you look at willingham's treatment, you wil notice that one, he had zero leverage, and two his firing was, in retrospect, the right move for notre dame. it would have been easy to get sucked in by willingham's 10-2 first season and given him a contract extension if there were any fear that he might jump to the nfl. unfortunately for willingham, he did not have that kind of leverage. he subsequently went 11-12 over the next two seasons. notre dame then did what most top-level college programs do after that sort of mediocrity and fired their head coach. it's not like willingham was setting the college football world on fire when he was let go.

weis can expect the same treatment if he goes 11-12 over the next two years. the extension doesn't really mean that he will be at notre dame until 2015. i recommend a re-evaluation before jumping off the bandwagon of the official team of the one true faith.

(by the way, wasn't willingham's hiring at washington some indication that the good ol' boy system that you allude to is slowly breaking down or at the very least now inclusive enough to recycle familiar black head coaches?)

Bob said...

notre dame has a history of treating black coaches differently than the rest of their coaches. we know this much to be true. and until it proves otherwise, i have no reason that other decisions are not racially motivated.

look, i know that willingham's record sucked after the second and third year. but he had the irish nation just as fired up as weiss does this year because all of those irish fans are overreactionary a-holes anyway. i know that he doesn't have the same leverage in that weiss was sure to be wooed by pro teams, but bob davie got extended from three to five years after his first year. add that to the fact that davie didn't get unceremoniously dumped after his two crappy seasons. he got to play out the string. it will be interesting to see if weiss gets the same deal if he sucks 3 years from now. because as i mentioned initially, notre dame's history tells us that it tolerates white coaches more than black ones.

i'm not saying that charlie weiss is at fault here. but the point is, it's ridiculous to give anyone a ten year extension based on half a season. if you recall, terrell owens did something similar and everyone (myself included) called him a a-hole. why isn't anyone calling weiss an a-hole for asking for a new contract only halfway through the first year. and as i mentioned originally, why does notre dame even offer a ten year contract to begin with. it has to at least partly be due to the fact that football fans, particularly midwestern catholic ones love old white guys with crew cuts.

while it is encouraging that willingham was scooped up right away, it only serves to show how racist notre dame's decision to fire him in the first place was. i mean, this guy is a good coach and is doing fine at washington. who's to say that he couldn't have gotten the same performance out of weiss' notre dame team which willingham recruited?

Bob said...

jason whitlock has a much better written column on all of this.