WNFL here we come....

some high school girl threw for 3 TDs in a varsity game. she's also the starting qb for the JV team. it gets better, she's just a sophomore. anyways, if she ever starts on the varsity squad in her two remaining years at high school, who knows how crazy the world is going to get. football seems to be the one sport where males have pretty much kept women out completely, even to the point where women won't even form their own league. but it just takes one charismatic figure to change that. we saw it with mia hamm and soccer. incidentally, that's the WNBA's real problem (other than a boring game played under the rim), is that they don't have their michael jordan or magic johnson yet. in other words, they need to find someone who can play above the rim for it to work out.

anyways, i digress, back to the girl high school qb. here are the quotes. from sophomore friend and offensive lineman, rob huizar
When she started playing football, I told her that I'm the center, so I'll get the offensive line to protect her as long as she gets the throw to the receivers.
so while it may be great that a female has broken through, it seems that there is still trepidation on the male's part. on the surface it sounds like the guy is willing to let her play, but only if she can help them win. does he tell his starting qb that he'll only block if he plays well? that would never fly. anyways, the more telling quote is from her coach
It's like they have a sister on the field and they want to protect her at all costs. When she's on the field, there's more effort from everybody. The line blocks harder, the receivers are running better routes. Her teammates rise up when she's in there.
as with most things in sports, everything has to be couched in terms of what michael messner calls, hegemonic masculinity. you see, her being a girl, she has to be protected more, which is what causes the players to play better. well if everyone tries harder when she's on the field, then why don't you just start her coach? why can't it just be, she's a good athlete? i'm not saying that the team thinks that she's a token. three TDs no matter what kind of league you're playing in is impressive. but i am saying is that whenever stuff like this happens, the men involved always manage to find some way to patronize the female.


RC said...

Not gonna happen.

One, they can barely keep the WNBA going, even though the NBA keeps pushin it.

Two, there's no a woman can handle the beatings even male quarterbacks struggle to take.

Three, women physically deteriorate faster than men. You'll notice that in every sport (perhaps excepting golf).

Nicki said...

Couple of things. First off, awesome analysis Bob on what's going on between the female QB, her teammates and coach. Props to you.

Regarding what RC said, I'll speak from experience as a rugby scrumhalf (and I am a small statured woman) to correct that women can take such beatings if they so choose, and if women were playing with women on a WNFL I'm sure the QBs would do just fine.

I am distubed by the comment that women physically deteriorate faster than men, and am wondering if RC has read any scientific research that supports this claim. Again, in my experience as an athlete who has played sports with older adult women, I would have a very hard time believing this to be true, and would instead believe that it is a misguided perception.

Anonymous said...

it's easier to break smaller bones surrounded by relatively less muscle - only a moron would dispute that.

at a high school age, girls can be more competitive with boys across all sports. standard deviations are more forgiving at that age. as age and competition levels increase, this becomes less feasible. the average (note the wording here - average) 25 to 30 year old man would physically ruin the average (again average) woman of the same age in a sport like rugby or football. averages being what they are, the man would be faster and at the same time outweigh the woman by about 40 to 50 pounds. pretty simple physics will dictate who wins most of these collisions. take nothing away from three td passes, but be smart enough not to take completely ridiculous stances on women taking nfl-style beatings.
back on one of the blogger's original points, the coach's comments are totally sexist, but you can hardly call that a surprise.

Nicki said...

Obviously there is no point in debating whether or not men are stronger than women. Bob's original post contemplated the possibility of a WNFL (meaning women playing against women), as did my response to his post. Learn to read, moron.

tuna counterpoint said...

i hate to burst the bubble on this story, but the losing team here, ribet academy, is a small private school for douchebags located on the 2 freeway on my way to work. it graduates about 35 to 40 kids a year. something tells me that anyone (boy or girl) who completes 4 passes for 181 yards against a loser factory like ribet benefitted from a lot of poor tackling and a lot of YAC. i seriously doubt montgomery bishop was sending the homies deep and letting it fly for 45 yards in the air. beating ribet academy with a team full of that high school kid with no legs, much less a girl qb, would've a non-story. fuck.

Bob said...

a couple of things here kids. the title of the post was facetious. a WNFL has all the potential of any other women's team sports leagues...none really.

two, that doesn't change the fact that men can't handle the idea of an athletically gifted female.

three, i didn't know that the school that they beat was a shitty school for orphans. i just assumed that since she went to bishop montgomery, traditionally a competitive football team, that the win was against a school of substance. yeah, touchdowns in garbage time against people who don't have parents really doesn't count.