arrested development, R.I.P.

fox is cancelling the critically acclaimed show, arrested development. if you follow the entertainment industry, you've heard about this and how it's a great show and how the network is shooting themselves in the foot for not supporting it more and you've probably seen the video clip of david cross dropping f-bombs about the whole thing.

i find all of this very curious. i've seen the show a few times and it's pretty funny. it is definitely different from most of the stuff on network tv, but overall, i'd have to say it's not as funny as curb your enthusiasm. most importantly, it doesn't affect me either way if i see it or not. not to generalize my own experience to the general public, but if the show was that good then why didn't anyone watch it? they complain about how they've been universally recognized by critics and awards and all that, but aren't those just stuck up a-holes who will always give the thumbs up to "cutting edge" network stuff? is it problematic that networks will give shows like joey a longer leash than arrested development. sure it is. but at the same time, i just don't know how you can argue with the network when they say "you're not generating any ratings." and is it a big secret that creating ratings is what television networks are about? i've had this point before, but i've never seen the point in accusing capitalists of being capitalists.

let me put it this way, blaming poor ratings on a major network for not properly marketing your show, is somewhat akin to d-bag alternative acts blaming major record labels for poor album sales. maybe the problem isn't that these capitalist pigs aren't trying hard enough. maybe the problem is that your art doesn't appeal to as many people as your inflated and completely insulated ego thinks that it does.

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Wong Online PoKér Hu said...

Why would they cancel such a great and funny show like that? The show has real potential and it's a unique alternative to the usual comedy shows. It's the network's fault for not marketing it properly.