bobby the gook, week 12

man f this crap. fredo got 10 freakin' games last week. there was lots of effin' in the ass last week by several teams. seattle, washington, minnesota. i am really starting to hate football. at least i can take solace that my fantasy team laid a big steamer all over fred's. anyways, it's thanksgiving week, so i gotta get these picks up early in time for the turkey day matchups. last week, fredo got 12 points, and i got 10. i never heard about the head to head bonus from fredo so i'm going to assume that it is in effect so fredo actually gets 14 points and this race is all but over. right now the tally stands at fredo: 103, me: 78. home team in CAPS and point spreads from caesars.

atl (-3) over DET
i actually really wanted to take the lions here since it seems that atlanta can't stop anyone from running the ball. but neither can joey harrington. real quick, in last week's game, which was the first lions' game i saw all week, steve mariucci looked terrible. i mean he looked physically ill, like he'd lost weight and hadn't been sleeping. i've always liked mooch and millen should do him a favor and just fire him now.

DAL (+2) over den
screw you, it's thanksgiving, i'll take whoever i goddamned want to.

KC (-3) over ne
tempting, but i don't think that the patriots can stop anyone defensively. i'm hoping it will be a bit of a shootout, but this seems to be the perfect game to drive the last nail in the coffin for the pats this season.

bal (+9.5) over CIN
i don't really know how good of a call this is. however, all i know is that in years past, after a catostrophic loss like they had against the colts, the bengals have never rebounded well. and when i say rebounded, i mean for the rest of the season. the ravens i think at least have ray lewis and ed reed back so i guess i'm gonna bet on the bengals tanking like in years past. not totally tanking, rather just playing barely well enough where them making the playoffs comes down to week 17.

car (-4.5) over BUF
carolina had some problems running against the bears. the bills defense doesn't even remotely resemble the bears defense, so i like everyone's favorite super bowl contender to bounce back here.

chi (+3) over TB
if the bears can do that to jake delhomme, imagine what they're gonna do to chris simms.

WAS (+3.5) over sd
apparently, every sports writer in the world is using the phrase, "the san diego chargers are the best team that might miss the playoffs". i say their inconsistency is going to keep going on throughout the rest of the year. i'll take the skins in what amounts to a must win if they're going to have any chance to challenge for the division.

cle (+4.5) over MIN
yeah i saw the stupid mnf game. here's what i saw. minnesota still sucks and are lucky to have won their last three. what's funny is how desperately everyone wants to get on the brad johnson comeback story, which i suppose is all touchy feely nice, but i expect rueben droughns to have a big enough day to put the vikings away early.

sfo (+7.5) over TEN
i really think that ken dorsey is the best of that sorry bunch. the niners have been covering about half of the time. what all this means is...whatever.

HOU (+4) over stl
it seems pretty clear to me that the front office of the rams organization is in a bad way. oh yeah, there's a good chance that marc bulger isn't going to play which makes st. louis have to start jamie martin. and well, he just sucks.

jax (+3.5) over ARI
gimme 50.

OAK (-7) over mia
the dolphins are pretty tough to figure out, so i'm just gonna go with "they suck." gus frerotte is supposed to return this week....change that to "they really really suck."

SEA (-4) over nyg
eff it. i'll get on the bandwagon.

gb (+4.5) over PHI
i know that mcmahon is not all that bad, but the eagles are basically a bunch of guys that haven't done jack in the league. this is horrible logic, but i'll take favre over guys like that.

no (-1.5) over NYJ
i really really hate the jets this year. i have no feel for this game, so i should actually take the points, but really, it doesn't matter one way or another.

IND (-7) over pit
this line is actually off at caesars. my guess is that they want to confirm the qb situation for the steelers, and from what i've read, it's going to be roethslqwe. the colts are a team that i'm just gonna keep riding until someone tells me it's time to get off. don't get me wrong, i'm hoping to god that they lose somewhere along the line.

bonus props! let's go with all you can eat parlays. i'm going to change up the risk reward thing though. instead of doling out points, you're gonna have to wager points, at least one point for every part of the parley. that is, to put together a three team parlay, you have to wager three points. if you get any leg wrong, then you lose three points. if you get all three legs right, then it's worth 6 points. and you can put together as many parlays as you want. i'm going to go with 2 parlays.

first give me for 4 points: jax, sfo, and car
for a two team teaser and wagering 2 points, i'll take indy and kc.

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alfredo said...

atl - i haven't followed the falcons that closely the last few weeks, but i imagine that vick is getting really mad and pulls off a few impossible moves for fatass america on thursday.

DAL - i will continue to pick against the broncos, but this week, i really think something crazy happens and dallas yanks this game out of its ass.

ne - i would guess they load up to stop the run and let green try and beat them.

cin - probably too many points, but i'll believe in their defense this week. plus, i need two or three touchdowns out of chad johnson this week. this should inspire him, so give me 50.

chi - i'll take the points.

BUF - something tells me this will be a close, sloppy game.

sd - i like your reasoning here, bob, but i need about twelve touchdowns out of LT, who is reading this and getting totally pumped for sunday. he's always valued my opinion. unlike you. :(

cle - what you said.

TEN - i'm not taking whatever qb san fran is rolling out this week on the road.

HOU - i guess.

jax - although i can see jax going in there and blowing it just to muddy the playoff picture.

OAK - too much time spent traveling for miami. at the last second, saban backs out of the holiday travel rush and calls in sick for the whole team.

SEA - i'm guessing that seattle was looking ahead last week and will jump out early on the giants causing eli manning to sulk and accuse his teammates of "losing on purpose." he will then call his friend, tiger woods, and say that he wishes he was awesome at golf, too because you don't have any poophead teammates.

gb - i hate the eagles, so this has been a pretty good year so far.

no - the jets and broncos have been making somebody some money the last few weeks. just not me.

IND - no reason not to.

bonus - bob, you said to give you four points, but you only took three teams. anyway, i'll go three: cin, buf, chi