fiddy vs. brangelina

50 cent's new movie, get rich or die tryin' had its billboard taken down in philly yesterday. this after complaints by the locals that the billboard promoted gang violence because of the presence of a gun. and this of course coming on the heels of the same thing happening here in southern california. anyways, here's a little experiment. let's look at the billboards for two recent movies:

get rich or die tryin'

and mr and mrs. smith

both of these have guns in the advertisement, yet only one was accused of promoting gang violence. can anyone spot any possible differences or reasons why the two were recieved differently? hint: america sure does seem to hate black people.


Nicki said...

Bob, as usual, you make us proud.

Monika said...

50 Cent was recently quoted as saying Kanye West overreacted to the situation in New Orleans when he made his onstage comments about W. Maybe he's having second thoughts.