high school football greatness

ucla thinks that they know what's coming this weekend. well, they really don't have any idea. be sure to click on the video link under the picture.

a few weeks ago, fredo and i went to a high school football game and were pondering what it would be like if a pro player, like say mike vick right now somehow was able to sneak into a high school football game, would he basically score everytime he touched the ball? well as the video shows you, yeah, he probably would. and apparently reggie bush did.

i've been fortunate to see this kind of man among boys exhibition twice in my lifetime (and no, i'm not talking in the michael jackson way). in high school, i got to see the carter cowboys play when new york giants great jesse armstead was playing. he was a linebacker in high school as well, and let me tell you, every tackle he made was just so amazingly bone-crushingly violent, that i started to feel sorry for the kids getting tackled. the other time was in college when kevin garnett's high school was playing at a tournament that was being hosted at depaul. needless to say, kevin garnett could do pretty much anything he wanted to on the court.

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