weekend asian news roundup

lots to report from the holiday weekend. three items of note.

1) world's first bruce lee statue erected and dedicated in...bosnia? it may not make any sense, but we'll take what we can get. of course, hours later, the statue fell victim to vandalism.

2) jackie chan tells asian movie community: "Asians should unite against American cinema," explaining that asians are losing their cultural identity when they ape american stereotypes. he then goes back to counting money earned for agreeing to do rush hour parts 4, 5, and 8.

3) a very very very sad day as noriyuki "pat" morita, or as we all know him, mr. miyagi passed away this weekend. he wasn't the greatest asian actor by any stretch, but he certainly was one of the most visible and of course mr. miyagi was one of the most memorable roles (one that i think he really should have gotten an oscar nod for). anyways, i was reading the obituaries and i learned that before his break on happy days, that he was a stand up comedian that had appeared on the tonight show several times. how about that?

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