bobby the gook, week 14

woohoo! after last week's stellar performance, i am a little more back in this than i was last week. it's weird. last year, both fredo and i started out strong and then started to falter towards the end of the season, and it seems to be the opposite this year. if i could only get to vegas next week. although i should day that last week featured an easy slate. in my money pool, the average person got 10 games right. so who knows what the eff is going on. and while i hope to build on last week's performance, i gotta be honest and say i don't have a very good feel for this week's games. some interesting numbers this week. anyways, last week, i got 12 freakin gamees right, plus 1 for the 50 dollar bet, and i hit both parlays for an incredible 16 points. i also get a two point bonus for beating fredo this week, so that gives me 31 points for the week! fredo got 10 games, plus his fifty dollar game, but minus 3 for his parlay, for a total of 6 points. that's right folks 31-6. unfortunately, fredo has built up a big enough lead so that he's still ahead in this thing 127-115. on with the picks, points spreads from caesar's, home team in caps.

CAR (-5.5) over tam
looks like the panthers are poised to take the NFC south title to the bank. although the bucs dominated the saints defensively, they still barely pulled it out of their ass. fifty, fifty, fifty.

ne (-3.5) over BUF
last week was the bills last stand. and in some weird conspiracy to get the patriots yet another shot at the super bowl, the AFC east is the worst it has been in years. by the way, tom brady was recently named sports illustrated sportsman of the year. i'm not saying he doesn't deserve it, but it was kinduva down year for individual sports performances. if i were in charge, i would've made T.O. sportsman of the year for having the most impact on their team, positive or otherwise.

stl (+7) over MIN
we're gonna keep playing the rams being better as underdogs theory. i know that this is not a very smart pick but all this talk about minnesota being this much better with brad johnson at quarterback is a little overblown.

chi (+6) over PIT
either this line is completely wrong or it's a trap. i know that chicago's offense is bad, but what pittsburgh looks like they're going to miss out on the playoffs after a good start.

oak (-3) over NYJ
usually this is the season where you almost always take the home dog, but since this has been a weird season, i'll do the opposite. plus, give me the asian qb over brooks bollinger any day.

ind (-8.5) over JAX
like in minnesota, all talk of david garrard being better than leftwich is overblown. i knwo that this is as good as any week for the colts to falter, but i have a feeling about the chargers being the team to do it. besides, indy is awesome against the line this year.

hou (+7) over TEN
fredo got all cute with the titans last week and it cost him. the texans on the other hand have lost a handful of really tough luck games. it's almost like they're cursed or something, although since they're an expansion franchise, there's nothing that they could have done to curse them. maybe they're paying the price for the audacity to name their team "the texans" as if that other team in texas wasn't already the greatest team in the history of time, let alone the great lone star state.

CIN (-13.5) over cle
now the browns losing braylon edwards for a year...that's the stuff of curses. i just don't know what cleveland has got that get's them anything over 13 points. and if as chad johnson predicts, the bengals score 40+ points from here on out....well you do the math.

ARI (+4) over was
home dogs theory here. i just don't know what the skins have got. i can only imagine daniel snyder wanting to shoot himself every time he sees that mark brunell is their quarterback.

nyg (-8.5) over PHI
speaking of curses, no one is paying the price more for bad mojo than the eagles for their signing of the ultimate non-team guy in t.o. to be honest, i wish this game could somehow result in both teams recording a loss, but i'll just go with the idea that the giants are a much better team than the eagles. although i wouldn't bet on this game. no telling with eli on the road.

SEA (-16) over sfo
i hate this line, but i can't bring myself to bet on the niners. alex smith is priving himself to be one of the biggest draft day mistakes in the history of the NFL

SD (-13.5) over mia
damn this big spreads....uhhhh.....i'll say this. ricky is quietly having himself a nice renaissance season, so maybe that bodes well for the longhorns in the rose bowl...or maybe not since they are playing USC.

DEN (-14.5) over bal
denver should rebound at home after that game against the chiefs last week. the ravens have lost ray lewis for the rest of the season, which means no one to 1) chase down running backs, and 2) no pass rush for the ravens which means no pressure on jake which means no chance for interceptions in this game. by the way, even though he's having a nice season, it's funny how the real jake has shown himself over the last two weeks. i might have to start betting against the broncos for the rest of the season if it looks like old jake is here to stay.

kc (+3) over DAL
i can't tell you how frustrating it is to have drew bledsoe running your team. i just never feel good with him back there. and while the boys played the giants tough, i just knew that bledsoe wouldn't be able to pull it out for us. crap i hate picking against the cowboys.

GB (-6) over det
boy i hate picking the packers this year too. but there's just no way that the lions are going to get their shit together this year. i also think that it would be good shtick to start the "fire millen" chant at both lambeau field this week, as well as during the super bowl (which is in detroit this year).

ATL (-10) over no
i'm starting to feel sorry for the saints. because with the way things are shaping up for next year, it looks like they'll still be without a permanent home next year. add that to the fact that there's no way that they're making money this year and you have a rough stretch ahead saints fans.

bonus props! like i said, i really don't have a good feel for this week's line, so i'll just throw out a couple of two team teasers.

1) CAR, NE

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alfrredo said...

here you go, bob-

CAR- i can't think of anything interesting to say about this, other than i have carolina in a three-team parlay, which i just jinxed.

BUF - just a hunch, which sounds like something that one of the brady kids would say. there's snow in the forecast, which could lead to some fluky bullshit like the bills covering.

MIN - i guess they keep rolling, somehow. it's not like the rams are worth a damn, either.

chi - end of the road for pittsburgh?

oak - way to stick with the PARM QB here, bob. it might be a good idea just to bet out against the jets for the rest of the season.

ind - yes, i got very cute last week with the tennessee-indy matchup in an effort to be the genius who saw the big upset coming. not this week. peyton will reward this pick with two touchdowns to reggie wayne, giving my fantasy team the boost it needs to reach the playoffs.

TEN - good point about the texans. this is just a pick against their insolent name.

CIN - drop another 50 on the bengals this week. this almost seems too easy, but what the hell.

ARI - lots of home teams this week. this makes me nervous.

nyg - i can only hope i am jinxing the giants into blowing this game. eli manning has always cared a little too much about what i think.

SEA - damn that's a lot of points. what a terrible game.

SD - eventually this east coast-west coast and back has to start wearing the dolphins out. i'm feeling a blowout.

bal - i'm anti-denver all year, but let me just say that i really, really want the broncos to cover this week. draw your own conclusions.

kc - dammit.

GB - being a lions fan must really make your manhood feel small.

ATL - i have no interest in watching this game. love is a fickle thing. i have a new muse, and his name is reggie bush.

BONUS: 3-team parlay - CAR, DEN, CIN