bobby the gook, week 15

looks like i spoke too soon last week. to be honest, there wasn't a whole lot of preparation on my part which may be part of the problem. anyways, you'd figure that with school being out for the holiday, that i'd have more time to devote to football contemplation. you'd be wrong however. i've been busy vanquishing orcs and night elves in warcraft III. but this is crunch time, in the NFL. the freakin' playoff picture gets clearer and clearer with each passing week, and it seems obvious to anyone that the colts are practically a mortal lock to win the super bowl this year. the only team that i can imagine beating the colts this year are the bengals in the afc championship game or the cowboys in the superbowl. ok, maybe not the cowboys, but i definitely am hoping that the colts stumble, only because peyton is a sorry a-hole and doesn't deserve the title of history's greatest team, which if they go undefeated and win the big one, they undoubtedly will. anyways, that's enough with the hatin', let's get on with this game. last week, i got 5 freakin' games right, missed the 50 and lost out on both 2 team parlays. that'd be a total of 0 points. however, fredo didn't fare much better, with 5 games right, missing the parlay and missing his 3 team parlay. that'd be exactly 1 point, so there's not much change in the standings as fredo maintains his lead, 128-115. as always, home team in caps, point spreads from caesars.

NE (-4.5) over tam
yeah...simms on the road, against a new england team that is starting to hit its stride...i'll take golden boy brady over golden boy simms.

NYG (-2.5) over kc
as good as a win as that was for the cowboys last week, it was an equally bad loss for the chiefs. the chiefs have to be kicking themselves for letting that get away in the same week that san diego lays an egg. is it possible that kc and the chargers both don't make the playoffs? i think so.

den (-9) over BUF
is there any reason to take the bills this season? i can't think of one.

MIN (+3.5) over pit
yeah the steelers had a good win last week, but indoors on the road? i just can't do that. and honestly, i don't think that the charges that were filed this week against the minnesota for the sex boat isn't going to affect the vikings. i might also take the under here (41).

IND (-7.5) over sd
ughhh....i want the chargers to beat the colts so bad...but i can't pick against the colts at home with anything less than 10 points.

JAX (-16) over sfo
to be honest, i don't know if the jags can even muster 16 points with their type of offense. but as always, the niners don't have a goddammed thing. look for another 3 turnovers from alex smith.

TEN (-7) over sea
to take the home dog or not to take the home dog. classic look ahead game for the seahawks, as they have their sights on beating indy the following week. give me the points.

ari (-2) over HOU
i'm like everyone else and am starting to think that the texans are tanking on purpose to win the reggie bush sweepstakes. well that and they are el stinko.

MIA (-9) over nyj
contestant number 2 in the reggie bush sweepstakes are the J-E-T-S. not that they're tanking games, but saban is proving to be an awesome coach. the dolphins should be 3-12 right now. but they're not because of the coaching.

car (-9) over NO
the panthers have been terribly inconsistent this year. and since they stunk last week, they'll be good this week. plus the saints are going with todd boumann at QB. which can't be much worse than aaron brooks, but it'll be close.

dal (+3) over WAS
sorry, i won't pick against the boys here. but i'd be a little worried if i were a cowboys fan.

cin (-8) over DET
heh heh...this line should be at least 12 points. in some ways, i almost think that the bengals would be better if they played indoors. if for no other reason than chad johnson would score more touchdowns and we get treated to more touchdown dances. this week, when he scores, he should jump into the ford gield stands and start the "fire millen" chant. give me 50.

cle (+3) over OAK

phi (+3.5) over STL
i hate the rams. they are my version of fredo's broncos. i never ever get them right. i have a lot to say about the whole NAACP/Donavan McNabb thing, that i'll post about later today. but since he's not playing it doesn't matter. on a related note, i really need torry holt to score a touchdown this week if i'm to have any chance in my fantasy football playoff game.

CHI (-3) over atl
really not sure about this one. i can see m. vick going off just to prove to people that he's not a pansy injury prone player.

gb (+3) over BAL
favre on monday night, we know how this goes.

bonus props! a lot of these games seem easy to me, so i'll try a big parlay here

5 team: NE, CIN, ARI, MIN, MIA

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alfredo said...


here's a secret. i hate football. so in the interest of getting this over with, give me:

WAS (the ol' jinx at work here)
cin (50 again, dammit)

yes, all home teams but two. i just couldn't take the saints and the lions.

3 leg parlay: NE, NYG, min-pit under