bobby the gook, week 16

in a way, my season has mirrored that of the dallas cowboys. wildly inconsistent, but at times dominating, and at other times, completely not showing up. fredo on the other hand has been as consistent as a dog taking a crap on a walk. i got 8 games, and fredo got 10. we both got the big bet, however, i would like to submit that there is some possible controversey over the bonus props. if you notice, last week fredo had submitted his picks at 3:30 on saturday, well after the patriots win and halfway into the giants win. now if this were a real sportsbook, those games would obviously not count. however, since it is fredo, i will just have to rely on his honor. unless of course, erik love, the unofficial arbitrator of the bob ngo/fred rivers pick 'em and stick 'em fun game, rules that i should allow fredo the bonus points. which would mean a six point swing, and leave me all but out of contention for the remainder of the season. until i hear otherwise, i'll go ahead and count fredo's parlay. so the score is currently is 145-119 in favor of fredo. on with the picks, home team in caps, point spreads from caesar's. also, since i'm doing this on vacation, expect much less in the way of analysis.

CIN (-14) over buf
the bills were a bit frisky last week in covering, but the bengals are just rolling right now. in fact, i'll go ahead and go out on a limb here and say that i think that if the AFC championship game was colts bengals, i would take the bengals.

CLE (+7) over pit
the steelers really put the beat down on the vikes last week, but i think that the browns are going to start their turnaround story of 2006 right now.

KC (+1.5) over sd
i'm so mad at myself. i've been saying all season that the chargers were going to be the ones to defeat the colts, and when it came time to put my money where my mouth is, i completley chickened out. not this time. earlier in the year, i said that the chargers are going to end up missing the playoffs, and i'm going to stick with that theory.

ten (+5.5) over MIA
i'm starting to hate picking against nick saban, the same way i hate picing against belichick but i am envisioning mcnair putting it together for a late season surge as he starts to audition for other teams.

jax (-6.5) over HOU
the texans got their good game out of the way with the arizona win. look for a blowout here.

NO (-3) over det
i actually like the lions' chances here, but i just can't pick harrington on the road.

CAR (-5.5) over dal
as much as i'd like to believe that the cowboys will pull it together, i just can't see them picking themselves up after last week's debacle in washington. eff drew bledsoe and eff bill parcells.

nyg (+3) over WAS
i suppose i'm committing a cardinal sin by picking eli mannin on the road here, but i gotta make up some ground.

TAM (-3) over atl
i'm starting to be really disappointed whenever i see mike vick playing. shouldn't be the greatest quarterback who ever lived by now?

sfo (+9.5) over STL
can't pick the rams again this year.

ARI (-1) over phi
not that i like josh mccown, but i certainly don't like mike mcmahon on the road.

SEA (pk) over ind
the line is off for some reason. i'm guessing the whole tony dungee son is dead thing. my own personal theory is that larry csonka is culprit. after the colts lost, he still wanted to send a strong message to future 13-0 teams.

oak (+13.5) over DEN
dammit that's a lot of points...i just have a feeling that kerry collins will pull a great game out of his ass, since he's basicallly auditioning for other teams like mcnair.

chi (-7) over GB
it's sad to see brett favre suck as much as he does these days. can you believe that this is a three time MVP winner?

BAL (-3) over min

ne (-5.5) over NYJ
full on conspiracy theory here to get reggie bush in the nation's largest media market. fifty bucks.

bonus props! got to make up ground so give me....

5 team parlay


alfredo said...


i was pretty sure that i posted those picks on friday night. at 3:30 on saturday i was at macy's buying you a big present. seriously, i was at macy's. right now i am in texas and it is about 11:00am friday. anyway:

CIN - please let chad johnson score.
CLE - homedog and i like your angle on the browns improving in '06.
KC - letdown for san diego. i also don't trust marty and brees on the road without LT at 100%.
MIA - the home teams keep rolling.
HOU - i never get jax right.
NO - detroit suck city.
CAR - end of the road for dallas.
WAS - eli starts nosediving into the playoffs on his way to a first round ouster.
STL - eh.
TAM - will a home team ever lose?
SEA - no dungy, no dice. (god, i'm awesome.)
oak - i cannot pick denver.
chi - although 7 points gives me pause, brett favre should be good for 14 the other way.
BAL - pass.
ne - fifty, homeboy.

3 teamer: ne, KC, WAS

Erik said...

I'll allow it.