bobby the gook, week 4

geez, this is hella late already. as i alluded to in my last post, the demise of my computer and the start of school has occupied much of my time this week. throw in the fact that i'm headed to vegas this weekend, and i've got almost zero time for blogging. anyways, let's just get on with it. fredo and i both suck so far this year. last week, i got 4 games right and scored on my fifty dollar bet for 5 points. fredo only got 4 right, but didn't make a fifty dollar bet. he also didn't make a pick on the jax/nyj game for some reason. his bonus points were a wash as he got the over/under on cadillac williams right and the parlay wrong. and yes, there has to be minus points because this is gambling, and there's no such thing as a free bet. so anyways, our current standings are me: 12, fredo: 16. lines from caesar's palace, home team in caps.

sd (+5.5) over NE
look, i know that the pats are at home, and i know they just came off an impressive win over the steelers, but here's my deal. they barely won that game. losing rodney harrison is going to make a huge difference as well. i know, people always say that new england knows how to fill those kinds of things with nobodies. that's just crap however. harrison is one of the more feared defensive players in the league. lt looked absolutely fabulous last week. i'm guessing that a balanced attack beats the pats this week.

JAX (-4) over den
fuck it. i'll go ahead and get on this bandwagon.

CIN (-10) over hou
the points are tempting, especially after the bye week for the texans, but this is another wagon that we should consider getting on until it stops. give me fifty bucks on this one.

TEN (+7) over ind
the titans have been a covering machine, and i like them to do the same over the colts. plus it looks like the colts are sporting a new big defense, low offense type of attack. i say it goes on for one more week and we get another low scoring colts victory.

KC (-1.5) over phi
this one smells like a trap. and i'll go ahead and get on the right side of this trap.

TB (-7) over det
my poor roommate. at the beginning of this year, there would have been a bunch of people who would have said that the lions would roll here...not anymore. i'm going to go ahead and bet the hell out of this one when i get to vegas.

stl (+3.5) over NYG
as much as i hate martz, i hate coughlin even more. i think the 2-0 start for the g-men starts to fall apart right here.

NO (-1) over buf
i'll take brooks, horn, and duece over losman, moulds, and willie. plus let's give the new orleans saints a little edge now that they play home games in the great state of texas.

sea (+2) over WAS
trap? i don't know, this one seems to easy. i don't know how anyone can think the skins are any good with their qb situation.

BAL (-7) over nyj
looks like the jets are fixin' to sign joe namath to fill in for all the injured qbs over there.

min (+6) over ATL
again, good vick one week, back vick the next.

OAK (-3.5) over dal
i hate making this pick, cause i have a really good feeling about it. but because i can't bet against the boys, i will simply be rooting for the cowboys here. here's the deal, the raiders have actually played pretty well over their 0-3 start. i just can't see them going 0-4. add in the fact that they're at home, and i think that the oakland offense goes nuts on an inconsistent dallas defense here.

sf (+2) over ARI
this is a real shitty deal for the cards. not only to they have to play a home game in mexico, but they have to do it where american football fans are either cowboys or niners fans. i can't see why arizona is favored here, so it might be a trap.

gb (+7.5) over CAR
you bet against favre on monday night.

bonus props! this week, we're going to delve into the world of over/under. pick three games from this list. each one will be worth 1 point (and yes, minus one if you miss) and there's a two point bomus for getting all three, for a possible 5 points. the cowboys/raiders game looks to be fairly high scoring. Caesar's has the number at 47.5. i'll take the over here. we'll test the new look colts theory, the number in the colts/titans game is 45, and i'll take the under, and the lowest number is for the ravens/jets game at 31, and i think that billick will figure something out to get the ravens offense going this week, i'll take the over.


bobby the gook, week 3

the good news is that my hard drive did not fail and my 40-something gigs of music and porn is intact. the bad news is that i may have a bad motherboard or processor, which is much more expensive than replacing my hard drive. i suppose i could be optimistic and say to myself, "hey at least i get to buy a new computer," but given my financial situation and the fact that i pretty much sucked it this week in my football pool, that's probably not going to happen. no worries though, i've got a few more tricks up my sleeve before i go through the tortuous process of motherboard/CPU replacement. the real irony of all of this is that i had literally just finished fixing HK's computer. it was given to her by someone else and there was just a ton of bad stuff on it: windows ME, tons of spyware, long startup and shutdown times, it was a complete mess. and i was actually pretty happy with myself that i was able to bring it back to life. i guess it just goes to show you that elton john was right, it's just one big circle of life. as one computer breathed its first new breath, another one breathed its last.

in another related story, this week when i went to pick up my football pool envelope at the bar, i walked up and told the barkeep that i was here to get my sheet, and he looked at me and said, "i don't know what you're talking about." he then proceeded to shake his head ever so perceptibly and then mouthed the words, "cops". so i said real awkardly, "oh...i'm sorry, i must have the wrong place," and high tailed it out of there before the g-men popped out of the crowd to take me away to gambler's prison. on the one hand, it was way shady, but on the other hand, it was kind of exciting to be involved in something so illicit. anyways, the point of that, was it was a way more entertaining story, than just telling you that both fredo and i have done terribly so far with our picks. i know it's only week two, but if you remember from last year, at this time, fredo and i had done quite well for ourselves. we talked about it briefly and fredo came up with the idea that last year, we were the guys who would not buy into any hype. he used the example of the vikings, last year, there is no way we would have bought into the idea that the vikings would be ok without moss. in fact, in the games where moss didn't play, we almost always bet against the vikings and won. yet somehow, this year, we were fooled by the hype. the vikings look horrible. especially on defense. their running game was pretty bad last year, but now without moss forget about it. i'm not saying that they won't win 8 games, but i am ready to admit that this team is not nearly as good as i thought it would be. we knew what teams were good and and we stuck with them and we only got on a few bandwagons about the up and comers. so, at least for me, this week marks a return to form. don't think about hype, don't think to hard about 0-2 vs. 1-1 teams. the good teams have the good players. oh yeah, i screwed up the scoring because i forgot that we were getting minus points for getting games wrong, but it's just too damn hard to figure out the points with minus points for missed game. we'll alter the game so that losses don't equal minus points, except you still lose 2 points for missing the 50 dollar game. i also screwed up the tally for week 1 as i got 7 games minus the 50 point game and minus 1 for the missed parlay, that equals 4 points. fredo got 10 games in week 1 including his 50 dollar bet for 11 points, minus one for the missed parlay, which is 10 points. this week, i got 5 games, minus 2 for missing the 50 dollar bet, plus 1 for bonus bet #1, and minus 1 for bonus bet #2 for a total of 3 points this week. fredo got 6 games, minus 2 for missing the 50 dollar bet, minus 1 for bonus bet #1 and minus 1 for bonus bet #2 for 2 points. crazy scoring system, but that's how it works, so the current standings are bob: 7, fredo 12. this post is already too long, so let's get on with the picks. i'm moving back to using the lines from caesar's just cuz i was thinking that betonsports had screwy lines.

STL (-6.5) over ten
really what have the rams done so far? where is that magic offense that martz is supposed to be a genius for. last week, they barely score 17...but the key is, stephen jackson looked ok after a pretty mediocre week 1. the titans had a pretty nice winlast week against baltimore, but i really like the rams at home here.

PHI (-8.5) over oak
after a rough week one, looks like the mcnabb-owens connection is back on track. don't get me wrong, t.o.'s sorriness will cost the eagles at some point, just not here. i think that oakland's offense is turning into the randy moss show, and if it turns out that none of the other wideouts can deliever, that means that the raiders are in serious trouble.

CHI (+3) over cin
ok, the bengals look really good, but even with the crappy offense, i love the bears defense. like i said earlier, now that they have everyone on that d healthy, i see nothing but good times up ahead for the bears. i think that the bears can bottle up rudi johnson and come away with the win at home.

NYJ (-2.5) over jax
it seems apparent that i just hate the jets and anything that they do i just consider an aberration of what they really are, which is a decent defense and an offense that has a hurt qb and a really old rb. however, i hate the jagoffs too and who knows if leftwich is ok after last week. with the jets at home, i'll just stick with vegas n this one.

MIN (-3.5) over no
ok, this is bad because fred and i actually took the saints in our money pool, but today i feel bad about that pick. the vikes defense is horrible. but fredo pointed out that it's awfully hard to to start the year off with three road games. dammit, i really wish i could change our money pool pick here. since i'm quasi cheating since i've already conferred with fredo, i'll make this the 50 dollar bet.

car (-3) over MIA
i am really starting to like the way the panthers are starting to shape up. their defense actually reminds me a little bit of those 90's cowboys defense in that the whole unit is nothing but playmakers. i would have made this the 50 dollar bet, but oh well.

IND (-14) over cle
that was a nice little win for the browns but it was against the sad sack packers. i imagine that peyton and company aren't real happy about how close the last game was. so at home on the turf, i think the colts will roll.

atl (+2.5) over BUF
i'm going to roll with the one week vick looks good, one week he doesn't theory. all reports say he is going to play, but no telling how mobile he is, which of course is the key to the falcons offense. um....let's give the hot black man the benefit of the doubt and say he'll play reasonably well. plus i really hate buffalo's offense.

tb (-3.5) over GB
did i mention that the packers suck? i'm not completely sold on the bucs but i do think that they may be better than i originally thought.

SEA (-6) over ari
like i said last week, completely off the cards bandwagon. hasselbeck is actually looking pretty good finally. the cards need to find a running game pure and simple.

PIT (-3) over ne
what we've been saying all along is to ride the patriots bandwagon until it stops. it stopped last week. there were also some red flags during the week 1 game against the raiders. brady is still real good, but that defense isn't as good as it used to be. for pittsburgh, willie parker looks like the real deal. this game really sybolizes the return to the old philosophy. there are a lot of things that point to a patriots victory, particularly the fact that pittsburgh is looking to break new england's consecutive regular winning streak record. but that's all phony-baloney rah rah shit that i refuse to buy into. new england isn't as good as it was last year, and the better team is playing at home.

dal (-6.5) over SFO
another return to old philosophy game. yeah, the cowboys really struggled with their offense, but i think that the niners are terrible.

SD (-5) over nyg
this is another pick that fred and i went the other way in the money pool. the giants defense is always good because of strahan. and i'm losing faith in drew brees and the san diego offensive line. brees didn't look good under pressure last week and the giants will be putting on lots of heat. but i've got a hunch about this one. i'll take the home favorite here.

kc (-3) over DEN
i know that the broncos are tough at home, but the chiefs are good. i may make them my afc super bowl favorite soon if they can post a good win on the road here.

bye: bal, det, hou, and was. it's too bad that detroit is on the bye so i can't pick against them. harrington should consider suicide.

bonus props: i'm already late with this post, so i'm going to let fredo come up with something.


weekend quick hits

1) jet's wr, laveranues coles lets it be known that he was sexually abused as a kid. of course he should be commended for trying to help others in the same situation get help, but i thought one think in the article was especially interesting.
Coles told The Times that he received counseling, but it clashed with the athletic mentality of shrugging off injuries.
while this is most certainly true, i think that it's not so much the athletic mentality that he had to deal with but rather, the masculinity mentality that dominates sports. i'm not saying that the same think doesn't exist in women's sports, because it most certainly does, but it's not rooted in sports as an independent cultural institution, rather, it's rooted in the patriarchy of our system.

2) kinda in the same vein as this is the story of latasha byears. all of this stuff actually happened a while ago, but latasha, a wnba player who had been charged with sexual assault of one of her teammates, sued her team, the LA sparks for wrongful termination because she was a lesbian. just really weird weird stuff. the interesting thing about this for this blog, is that i attended depaul university at the same time "tot" as she was known as back then, was leading conference USA in scoring for the blue demons. it was really strange to see her around campus, because if anything, she acted more like a male athlete when she was there. just real aloof, very loud and seemingly in a state of perpetual adolescence. i'm sure like other student athletes as major D-I schools, she's been coddled since she was a small child, but it is strange to think of her facing these deep kind of serious identity issues today. i'm not saying that she's responsible or not responsible and i'm not saying that the sparks were right in terminating her, but i can't help but think that if she hadn't been a star athlete that she may have been able to avoid this whole mess.

3) the nfl is doing some goofy double monday night double header to raise funds for victims of hurricane katrina. obviously, i'm not saying that these people don't need money, but let me toss out there for argument's sake, is there a statute of limitations on asking for relief donations. it seems to me that at this point if you had money to give, you should have already given it. i know the logistics involved had something to do with this event coming so late, but i'm also pretty sure that they would have raised more money if they had done this last week. what with a new hurricane impending and all, it just seems that in organizations' drive to look like they've done something, they look like opportunistic jerks. if the NFL really cared, why don't they just agree to donate any profits made from this weekends' games to the red cross? i'm almost sure that it would be more money than they can raise from this late half-assed telethon. on another note, there will be famous people answering the phones, so if you want to yell at chad pennington for fumbling six times last week, here's your chance.

4) i still don't understand why the television academy people love raymond so much. is there anyone out there who is a fan? i can't think of a single person who watches and likes the show, yet every year, it's emmypalooza for them. if any of you are raymond fans, can you please explain to me the appeal of this show?

5) sports stats division - USC amasses over 700 yards of offense on its way to 70 points. geez, looks like norm chow maybe wasn't that great after all. seriously, they really shouldn't let games like this happen. nobody wins in a 70-17 game.

so don't forget, your two assignments are to comment on whether or not there is a statute of limitations for disaster relief and to comment on why everyone loves raymond is such an acclaimed show.



i didn't knw this until i read this slate article, but this year marks the 40th birthday of one of the single greatest inventions of all time, the slurpee. there's really nothing that interesting about the article other than it is well written.
Explaining the appeal of the Slurpee is a bit like explaining the appeal of pure oxygen or terrific sex: Those who don't get it are simply not to be trusted. Slurpees are divine because of their unapologetic garishness, a giddy reminder that no amount of sugar is ever too much.
in the article, there's some other part about how 7-11 has adjusted their marketing strategy to try and capture urban hipsters trying to be ironic by reliving their suburban youth, but that's not why i'm writing about this.

aside from the fact that i love slurpees, this post provides a convenient excuse to publicly present what i have dubbed my slurpee defense of capitalism, or as fredo and i like to call it, crapitalism, rock me! anyways, like any left leaning academic, i have serious misgivings about capitalism. but for some reason, i can't get myself to fully commit to opposing it and trying to cause its overthrow. this is going to sound a bit like a dennis leary routine, but here's why. one of the great things about these united states is that virtually anywhere, if you want a cherry slurpee at 3:30AM you can go get one. and i don't even mean when you are jonesing for snackage after getting blitzed. i'm talking about when you're just in one of those moods and you can't sleep and you want a slurpee. you can get in your car, and in several cases, you can even just walk a few blocks to the nearest 7-11 and get a slurpee. and the simple fact is, that without capitalism, none of this would be possible. i'd like to see fidel castro or kim jong il come up with something so sweet and so refreshing at the same time. don't get me wrong, i'm not saying that the continued oppression of the proletariat is worth it so that i can get a slurpee any effin' time i effin' want, but you must admit, it's a much tougher question that you initially thought isn't it?


skip bayless at it again....

here's a real interesting column by our favorite forced pun author skip bayless. in his espn page 2 column, he rages about how silly it is of oklahoma football coach bob stoops to not start his star running back adrian peterson as a punishment for missing a class.

you can read the column but the basic gist of it is that bayless doesn't give two rats' asses about college athletes going to school and even attempting to get an education. it's quite a departure from the usual drivel you read in sports columns about how broken college sports is because sports takes priority over institutional goals. but as much as i hate to admit it, bayless is right on.
No, I readily accept that many football players consider OU mostly a proving ground for the NFL. If they want to attend classes -- and want to excel academically -- that's great …

… as long as they excel on the field.

To me, they're little more than unpaid pro football players, and it's absurdly unrealistic to expect they can put in the necessary hours on the practice field and in the weight and treatment rooms and still attend every class.

i know that bayless is just a columnist and his statements would have more weight if he were an NCAA insider, but i'm glad that someone said them.

i also want to adrian peterson run as much as i can, because as fredo put it, "that guy runs like an animal."


bobby the gook, week 2

apologies for the lack of blogging, but my football weinie has been going crazy this week, so i've most of my time has been dedicated to overseeing some games of chance and my fantasy teams. i sucked it big time last week. what can i say? i should have stuck with the home team, as they went 11-5 this week. me? while i did have a losing record, i did have the most ideal losing record in 6-9. get it? anyways, not only did the goddammed niners blow my fifty dolalr bet, but they also blew my parlay as well. so that's a big whopping 2 points this week. fredo, meanwhile, fredo went 8-8 and niners f'ed him in the a as well for his parlay. but he did get the bonus for his fifty dollar bet. so fredo wins week 1, 7-2. lots of work for me to do, but we'll get em. anyways, on with this weeks picks. home team in caps, lines from betonsports.com.

bal (-3.5) over TEN
the ravens can suck my big balls for not derailing the colts in their season opener. but at the same time, any secondary is going to look bad against the peyton. the titans, well, what's to like? ravens are the sensible choice here.

HOU (+6.5) over pit
i'm just not ready to give up on the texans just yet. david carr really sucked balls last week. but like i've said before, we've seen the flashes of greatness out of him. i'm going to go on the theory that willie parker's breakout game last week was a fluke. not to say that the steelers won't win, but they won't score as many points, and i think the texans can keep it close at home.

IND (-9) over jax
it's really tempting to take those points here. but indy at home...i just don't see it happening this week for the jags.

CHI (+1) over det
yeah, my lions pick last week was pretty stupid, but i still think that the lions have problems on offense. i know that chicago's offense looked rather pitiful against the skins, but i got a good feeling about this team.

CIN (-3) over min
seriously, daunte played the worst game of his entire life. but even more importantly, i think we saw that the minnesota offense is suffering from the same thing it always has suffered from, no running game. meanwhile, the bengals looked impressive in their win over the browns last week. the points are tempting here, but i'll just stick with the home team here.

buf (+2.5) over TB
not really sure about this line. sure tampa bay looked pretty good last week, but buffalo's d looked dominant last week. i didn't get to see it, but fredo also said that losman looked ok in the first quarter. besides gruden is just too sorry to win two in a row.

ne (-3.5) over CAR
losing jenkins is huge for the panthers. my over bet for the panthers is not looking so good any more. and the pats...well, as we're fond of saying, we're going to ride this train until it stops.

atl (pk) over SEA
this line is a little fishy as well. but i thought that the falcons looked great on monday night. the seahawks also looked like the ass of a dog for the second half last week. holmgren is just terrible and yes, i do think he stabbed shaun alwexander in the back last year. the hawks pay for it dearly here. i'm feelin' a little frisky here, so give me fifty bucks on michael vick's incredibly hot black body.

stl (pk) over ARI
two teams that underacheived greatly last week. i think that the rams offense will be ok, and they just got caught with their pants down last week. as for the cards, i can't get off this bandwagon fast enough.

mia (+6) over NYJ
ok, so maybe nick saban is a good coach, but let's not get too carried away. he was facing the worst quarterback to ever emerge from the satanic institution of arizona state university. as for the jets, pennington is clearly not 100 percent. but here's the deal, i don't think he's that good anyways. i'm starting to think that herm edwards may get the axe this season.

GB (-6.5) over cle
clearly the week's worst game. green bay is going to suck this year, but the browns are still worse.

sd (+2.5) over DEN
man do i love betting against the snake. if i was in vegas, i'd bet this one pretty hard.

kc (-1.5) over OAK
i don't get this line. i know that the raiders are at home, but their defense looked mediocre while the chief's looked pretty good. not that it matters as i suspect that the teams will score 50+ points in this game. if you have any of the starters in fantasy land, you should start them all.

DAL (-6) over was
dan snyder so wishes that he was jerry jones...but he sure ain't. hi mark brunell, i'd like you to say hello to my friend demarcus ware.

no (+3) over NYG
ah what the hell, let's just get on board with the sob story and pretend that the saints 2-0 start is somehow helping the hurricane victims. i'm not saying that it's not a nice story, but to somehow say that the success of the saints somehow makes life better for these refugees, well, that's just plain naive. and f eli manning.

SF (pk) over phi
this one has actually been taken off the board because of mcnabb's injury. i'll just go on the assumption that he's not playing, and philly's continues to unravel setting the stage for the cowboys to win the nfc east.

bonus props! turns out fred and i are playing each other in one of our fantasy leagues. so we're going to handicap our fantasy game for the opportunity for 4 bonus points. things are really getting out of hand, i know. anyways, my roommate, erik love has taken the time to analyze our rosters and he has set the line as fredo (-2) over bob, citing duece mcallister's inspirational performance for the hurricane victims as the difference.. as you can imagine, i think erik is an ignorant douchebag of gigantic proportions and i'll obviously go with my team. we'll just go ahead and just assign this little bet as good for one point. the other bet i want to give is the over/under on the number of touchdowns that both of our teams combined will score (passing, rushing, recieving, and defensive). so i'll set that number at 13.5. i guess i'll take the over here. this bet is good for three points. again, both bets are minus one if we miss them.

UPDATE 09-13-05 5:20PM - there's a news report that mcnabb is back practicing again, and betonsports.com has the line in the PHI/sf as PHI (-13.5). i also got the home team wrong in the original post. so, since fredo hasn't posted yet, i'm going to allow myself to change my bet. with mcnabb in there at home, philly rolls.


new pop life radio show mp3 available for download

you can now download the mp3 of the september 6, 2005 broadcast of the pop life radio show at the pop life radio show blog/podcast. enjoy!

classic never goes out of style

in a recent poll, the cleveland browns were voted as having the worst uniforms. guess who was voted as having the best?


bobby the gook, week 1

i'm so freakin' excited for football season i can hardly stand it. week 1 offers quite a delicious slate of games to think about and dissect. anyways, for those of you who are new to the blog, every week, i will present my weekly picks against the line that vegas puts forth. fredo will then post his picks in the comments section. we'll keep track of both of our records and then at the end of the season, we'll crown a football genius. you may remember last year, that i sucked gigantic donkey balls in the last four weeks and fredo came out of nowhere to beat me by one single effin' game. so i've got a little pride on the line here. last year, we kept the tally just strictly in terms of win loss record. i'm going to trick it up this year using a point system. 1 point for each correct game, -1 point for each incorrect game. i'm also going to require both me and fredo to make one selection that will be our 50 dollar bet, which will be double points if we get it right, and minus double points if we get it wrong. lastly, i'll include a couple of props each week to provide for a few extra points here and there. obviously, the more difficult the prop, the more points made available, but at the same time, the more points that will be risked if they miss on the prop. perhaps, fredo and i will rotate coming up with props. anyways, these side props will be optional. sound like fun to you? i don't give a rat's ass. this is what i live for. but if you want to get in on the fun, i'll be happy to solicit your opinions in the comments section. so without further ado, on with the countdown. point spreads provided by betonsports.com, home team in CAPS.

NE (-7.5) over oak
i'm actually a little surprised at the size of this line this early. there are just so many unanswered questions for both of these teams this year. can the pats repeat? is oakland's offense really going to be that good with the additions of moss and jordan? will the pats miss U of A alum teddi brusci that much? will al davis ever die? i really think that this one is a tossup. my very poor memory seems to be telling me that the first game of the season is never that good. and the smartest man on earth, bill belichick has had 6 months to think up a way to stop this offense. i think that the oakland defense fails and corey dillon runs for 130 yds and 2 tds. i'll reluctantly take the pats.

den (-5) over MIA
this one's a no brainer. miami is one of the worst teams in the league this year. in the competition for the worlds worst qb, jay fiedler barely ekes out the nod over jake plummer. do you think the suspended ricky williams will get high while watching the game?

cin (-4) over CLE
another no brainer. i'd put down 50 bucks on this one if i could, but there's another game that i feel better about. no matter, pencil in the johnson brothers for 3 tds.

hou (+5.5) over BUF
i know, i know, magahee, but i just don't know about that losman kid at qb for the bills. i really think that david carr is good, but he's approaching joey harrington territory if the texans don't show any signs of life. and since i think he's better than harrington, i'll take the texans here.

PIT (-7) over ten
i do think that the titans will be ok this year. but the thing is, that they need to get their running back situation squared away which will require some kind of breakout performance by henry or brown. well, that's not going to happen against the steelers. the only thing that bugs me about this pick is that there's a pretty good chance this will be a low scoring game.

chi (+5.5) over WAS
no i'm not sold on that orton kid. but i do like a healthy bears defense against an incredibly shoddy skins offense.

CAR (-7) over no
i think that it would be funny if the panthers in a gesture of goodwill gave all of the saints carolina hurricanes hockey jerseys. no telling what the effects of katrina will be, but the saints almost always lose to teams with superior talent.

MIN (-6) over tb
how do you not like daunte on turf at home against an old defense. gruden continues to show everyone that he is the most overrated coach in the history of ever. let's see him try to scowl brian griese into throwing less ints.

sea (+3) over JAX
the jags are overrated. big time.

KC (-3) over nyj
a lot of fantasy folks had priest holmes ranked behind shaun alexander. i know you never can tell with injuries, but why would you rank him behind alexander when he was on his way to another historic season when he went down. that and almost everything that i've read says that pennington can't go deep because of his injury, which should make life a little easier for the semi-decent linebackers to bottle up c-mart, who is getting old anyways. this one seems easy to me.

ari (+3) over NYG
is there something i'm missing here in regards to the giants? aren't the cards supposed to be markedly better? isn't eli manning still the younger of the sorriest sonuvabitch in the league? the more i think about the cards, the more and more i like em this year. but that's relatively speaking cuz i actually hate this franchise.

stl (-6.5) over SFO
heh heh....this line is going to be 8 by sunday morning. get in on the action while you can. let's not get fancy early, and make this the 50 dollar bet.

gb (+3) over DET
there's really nothing to like about the packers this year except javon walker. although i guess it really doesn't make sense to think that ahman green won't rebound like priest will, and you do have the harrington factor, who no longer has any pressure to perform with garcia injured....dammit, i had the lions at first, but now i change my mind, i'm going with the packers here. sorry erik.

dal (+4.5) over SD
super bowl #6, here we come....

BAL (+3) over ind
i know, i know...look, the colts are going to be fine, but i'm high on the ravens this year. will the ravens be able to pound jamal lewis? even with the addition of cory simon to the indy defense, i say yes. will manning be able to throw bombs all day to marvin and reggie with an improved ravens secondary, and when i say improved, i mean improved from one of the best last year? i say no. call me crazy, but i'll take the home dogs here. whatever happens, here's to what will be a great game.

ATL (+1) over phi
speaking of great games, the battle of black quarterbacked teams with bird mascots. recently, t.o. said he wanted to make nice with donavan mcnabb. here's how i envision the exchange going:

D-Mac: Why you been acting so messed up towards me?

T.O.: Why you been acting so messed up towards me?

D-Mac: Well, you go first

T.O.: I don't know. Maybe I felt a little threatened or something because your career is just kind of blossoming and mine is kind of winding down or whatever.

D-Mac: And I felt like this guy is really hurting me. And it hurt.

T.O.: And I felt like when you told me to, "Dere-lick my balls" that really hurt.

D-Mac: Maybe I was scared man. You're T.O. Yeah, you're T.O. Do you know what it's like to be another football player and be in T.O.'s shadow? You want to hear something crazy? Your work in the '95 International Male catalog made me want to be a football player. I freaking worship you man!

T.O.: I'm sorry I was whack.

D-Mac: I was whack

T.O.: I was whack.

just kidding, t.o. is going to ruin, and i mean just ruin the eagles this year. falcons all the way.

p.s. i aped the entire T.O./D-Mac skit from here. sue me.

bonus props!
this week, we're just going to do parlays. a lot of chance for points available here. 3 points for a 3 team parly, 4 points for a 4 team parlay and so on. to encourage betting, only minus one point for missing them. maximum 2 parlays. i'll take a 3 team parlay with CIN, STL, and DEN.

and so it begins. just like kanye west, i'm ready for some football. and yes, kanye sold out here.


kanye west

everyone and their mom has already forwarded you the kanye west clip. so i'll just give you my take.

1) not the best timing, but really what is the best timing for this stuff? kanye nailed it on the head when he spoke of the fact that 1) the war has taken away resources that would normally have been directed for the hurricane victims. 2) most of the victims of this tragedy were black. and i don't think that it is any stretch to think that if this had hit a more white area that the response would have been quicker. 3) the media portrayal especially in regards to race has been wretched. 4) maybe these people wouldn't be in such dire straits if we as a nation were actually interested in helping out those who are less fortunate. so if he's right on every count, why would everyone get pissed off.

2) nbc's statement in response to this thing is completely bougs. per their statement:
Kanye West departed from the scripted comments that were prepared for him, and his opinions in no way represent the views of the networks.

It would be most unfortunate, if the efforts of the artists who participated tonight and the generosity of millions of Americans who are helping those in need are overshadowed by one person's opinion.
nbc's implication here is that people will not donate money because of one person's emotions. if that prevents people from helping the hurricane victims out, it is because those people are sorry human beings, not because of kanye west.

3) the video is really compelling. kanye, who in almost every interview i've seen him is is a rather cool cucumber, is bordering on tears of rage here. the bad thing about this is that it will be portrayed by media as a typical angry black guy (the negative kind). strangely enough, cooler heads prevailed at the NFL and he's still going to perform at the NFL kick off concert. anyways, in another clip that's been circulating on the internet, kanye is shown getting upset that during a radio interview, his utterance of the phrase "white women" was bleeped out. most of the commentary says that kanye "flipped out". which will only add to the angry black man portrayal. first of all, like i said before, he's right about the hurricane and the federal response, and he is also right about it being completely and utterly ridiculous and extremely racist that anywould would censor him from saying the words "white women". the other thing is that why are we holding it against him that he's mad. i've always told people that if i were black i'd be mad as hell too.

4) kanye's new album is kick ass. people can complain all they want, but they can't stop him. he owns hip hop right now, and what that means in real terms is that he owns the youth of america right now. keep preachin' minister west!


douchebag du jour - expedia.com

i feel safer from hurricanes knowing that expedia is on my side!

i'm sure like many of you, you've gone to expedia.com looking for a good travel deal. i'm also sure that some of you are on expedia's email travel alert list, where they send you regular emails that tell you how much fares are for some trips you are looking for. well i got an email today from expedia announcing their "hassle free hurricane policy". per the email
Jotted on postcards, written in e-mails, or shared aloud, vacation hurricane stories vary, but the frustrations are the same. For many travelers, the threat of storms whips up a flurry of planning apprehension and travel stress.

To help ease your mind, we now offer a hassle-free hurricane promise. In the event that a hurricane does affect your travel, we offer 24/7 customer support, including finding you new travel options. We'll even waive associated Expedia.com cancellation fees.

Now that's a story worth writing home about.
maybe i'm being a little touchy here, but the timing of this email seems a bit exploitative and a bit insensitive given the current state of affairs. first of all, i think that for most people, the current hurricane qualifies as more than just a source of travel stress. second of all, when it comes to thiking about the hurricane, most of us aren't thinking about how inconvenienced our travel will be by the hurricane right now. and to top it all off, in their infinite wisdom and benevolence, they will waive our cancellation fees for something that they know is completely out of our control. also, please notice in the subject where is says "plus fall travel ideas!" like the hurricane and this bogus hurricane promise is supposed to get me excited to travel. what a bunch of douchebags.

not even a link to donate money. f expedia.

p.s. yes, my given name is quan.

hurricane coverage

there are a few things i want to point out now that it looks like the worst of katrina has past.

1) this is something that you've probably seen all over the internet already, the role of race in the hurricane, both in its effects, and how it is being portrayed in the media. i'll point you to my roommate's blog, which has a link to a good story on how people of color are diproportionately victimized by the hurricane. but more importantly, i'm going to point you to a some other blogs that have taken the media to task for portraying black people as looters, and white people as survivors. this is some really f-ed up racist shit, and it makes me angry as hell.

2) on a lesser note, i've always noticed that during extreme weather, weathermen (or women) go f-ing nuts. i don't really blame them, after all, most of the year, they have the rather mundane and unrespected task of telling us whether or not it's going to rain. so when stuff like this comes along, it's their one time to shine and give us important news. but there is one case of the added stress getting to a weather guy.

3) the last thing about the coverage that i couldn't stand was the reporter on the scene, describing the situation while getting rained on and wind-blown stuff flying everywhere. do we really need someone on the scene to describe what's going on? more importantly, do we need to endanger reporters so that someone can describe something as obvious as a boat washed up on canal street? "Yes Jack, as you can see, the water is continuing to rise and whoa...there goes a telephone pole ripped out of the ground. sometimes i do think that the news underestimates the intelligence of the public. i've been as transfixes as anyone to the images of destruction but i think overall the news industry has done a poor job of covering the hurricane.

the return of bobby the gook, preseason part 4

this is may be our last post for the preseason or it might not be. i'll go through the over/unders for the east divisions, and then if i time, i'll post some other interesting season props, that i've seen on various websites. as before, the numbers are from betonsports.com.

AFC east
BUF - 8: over(-120), under(-120)
everyone loves buffalo with mcgahee toting the rock and a really good defense. i don't like jp losman, and i don't like the chances of mcgahee re-injuring himself. i also don't like a six week stretch that goes at OAK, at NE, bye, KC, at SD, CAR. under.

MIA - 6: over(-130,) under(-110)
i happen to think that nick saban is overrated. i also happen to think that jay fiedler might be the worst quarterback ever. there are just too many problems here, rookie RB, average defense, and a fairly tough schedule. i'll take the under here as well.

NE - 11: over(-110), under(-130)
i've already put money on this one in vegas. but i'm starting to feel a little uneasy with this one. pro: i hate this division, belichick. cons: the defense will miss ty law more than they think, 3 in a row just doesn't seem doable. my logic says that the cons outweigh the pros, but as we learned last year, never bet against the smartest man in football. that and this division is going to just plain suck this year so NE runs away with it. over.

NYJ - 9: over(140), under(even)
this number seems high to me. they did well last year, but surely that was c-mart's last gasp. word outof training camp is that pennington doesn't look very good at all and is having trouble throwing the long ball. couple that with a bunch of receivers who have never really done anything and i don't see a very good team. i took the under last year in vegas and got burned, but i don't see back to back good seasons for the jets, and that adds up to the under.

NFC east
NYG - 6.5: over(-130) under(-110)
crap...good number...let's see, i think the addition of burress is huge. so that's gonna help eli a whole lot this year. tiki barber's numbers last year were a fluke, and i don't see him having that kind of year. their schedule starts off a little easy before getting really tough down the stretch. i think they'll start really hot, like 4-2 or 5-1, and then suck the rest of the year, but they'll be able to eke out at least a couple of more wins. i'll take the over.

PHI - 11: over(even) under(-140)
looks like vegas thinks that philly can't recover from the T.O. debacle. i know he looked good in the first pre-season game he played, but it there any question that he's going to blow up at some point in the season? and won't that cost the team dearly in terms of wins? also doesn't losing corey simon really really hurt. i already have 7 teams winning ten games which already sounds like too many to me. i definitely can't see 8 teams winning ten games. under.

WAS - 7.5: over(-120) under(-120)
i was so effin' right about clinton portis last year. he was completely exposed i thought. he ended up having pretty good numbers, but every time i saw him, he and the offensive line were really struggling. everyone is saying this year that gibbs is going to change the system to favor portis' running style, but i say, you are what you are and portis is a serviceable back, but not a top 10 back. oh, and some a-hole named patrick ramsey is their qb with another older a-hole named mark brunell backing him up. gibbs gets publicly disemboweled by danny snyder this year. this team is so not going to win 8 games...under.

DAL - 8.5: over(-150) under(+110)
obviously, this is the one i have put the most thought into. it seems that vegas loves the cowboys to win 9 games. everything i've seen in preseason and read about the team says that the secondary doesn't look good at all. drew bledsoe? come on! that guy is older than dick cheney. but here's the deal, i love julius jones. i mean i love him, i love him, i love him. the more i see him run, the more i think that this guy is the second coming of tony dorsett, a small speedy guy that can get to the holes between the tackles real fast. the organization has also done a real good job of acquiring a whole stable of pretty good backs to make sure that he doesn't wear down over the season. i also am drooling at the prospect of demarcus ware being the second coming of lawrence taylor. the cowboys haven't had a guy that could rush the passer like this since charles haley. lastly, parcells has never ever had back to back losers. if there's one game where goofy historical trends like this hold up, it's football. do you remember the last time the cowboys looked this lousy in preseason? two years ago and they won ten games. i admit that this is an extremely questionable pick that could very well be fueled by my blind loyalty. i'm not going to say that they're gonna win the division, but i predict 9-6, a wild card berth and the over.

i think that instead of doing the season props, i'm going to analyze my over/under picks in terms of what it means for the overall season. things like comparing AFC vs. NFC and overs vs. unders and with vegas vs. against vegas and things like that. until then, let me hear from you about the dallas pick. i know that some of you will have things to say.