espn bestows power to forgive sins to carson palmer

maybe i'm being a grammar nazi here, but i really think that the word "absolve" is not appropriate here. cuz really, if carson palmer really had those kind of powers, don't you think he would have used them to open up holes in the steeler's d-line?


Carlos "Fantasy Football Champion 2005" said...

geez and you blame erik for taking things out of context? while youre refernce to divinity is also accurate, according to my classic Oxford American dictionary to absolve could also just mean "to clear of blame" thus rendering that sorry mf free from any implication that he intentionally hurt my fantasy stud.

you, just like your fanatsy teams showing in the championship game, dissappoint me bob.

Bob said...

perhaps those heathen brits have borrowed the word absolve and watered it down the way the democrats watered down christmas, but absolve is still not the right word. the definition is fine but the usage is wrong. absolve should be used when the wrongdoing that is being forgiven is of a mortal nature. killing puppies requires absolution. blowing out carson palmer's knee only requires exculpation, exoneration, or just plain forgiveness. just like in sociology. forgiveness. even if you don't love me anymore.