good one espn.com!

i saw this on espn.com this evening and got a nice giggle out of it.

the question should be can you name 25 college women's basketball players? i tried and this is what i came up with.

sheryl swoopes - texas tech
rebecca lobo - uconn
diana tarausi - uconn
latasha byears - depaul
kim williams - depaul
mfon udoka - depaul
jennifer azzi - stanford
tamika catchings - tennesee

and that's it. notice that three of the players are from my alma mater, depaul university. my point is not that women's sports suck, but that despite all the claims of the popularity of women's sport catching up with men's is just not true. i mean, i'm a guy who follows all sports. i basically read the entirety of four sports websites everyday, and for some reason, i can only remember a handful of names from the one of the most popular women's sport in the US.

sorry women's sports, i tried, but i still just don't care.

if anyone else wants to play this game, feel free to see if you can add to this list without looking it up on the internet. and we'll see how many names i can recognize. my guess is that at most i'll recognize maybe another 3 or 4.


alfredo said...

Hey Bob, check it out:

Megan Edwards - Eastern Illinois
Megan Sparks - Eastern Illinois
Megan Casad - Eastern Illinois
Meagan Scaggs - Eastern Illinois
Meggie Eck - Eastern Illinois

I'm a huge EIU fan. Go Panthers. (5-9 overall; 4-3 in the Ohio Valley)

Bob said...

that's crazy. megan! i'm open!

hey fred, i almost forgot...there are the twin towers of the mackey sisters out of nolan catholic.

daraka kenric said...

Don't you know any UCSB women's bball players?
Or Swimming?