lessons learned from antonio davis

i'm assuming that you've all heard about antonio davis charging into the stands to protect his wife. now in addition to being suspended for five games (which is too much if you ask me), it turns out that it was his wife who may have started the whole thing. i found some video of the incident on WLS-TV in chicago (click on the "sports" link to see the video) by way of deadspin. well, the fan's going to sue, and the league gets another black, albeit silly, black eye. anyways, here's what we've learned so far.

1) a lot of these fan incidents seem to happen in chicago don't they? between william ligue, steve bartman, the dude who stole chad kreuter's hat, and the guy who charged the mound on randy myers, i'm beginning to think that chicago fans may be just as bad as philly fans.

2) most important, we didn't learn anything about charging into the stands and race or anything. the most important thing that i think we learned is that if you're a professional athlete, there's no reason to get married. i mean here's poor antonio davis, a well respected nba veteran, who's just doing his job and trying to do the right thing by protecting his wife, and it turns out because she can't help but be a jackass, gets him suspended for five games. the whole situation could have been avoided if ms. davis hadn't had decided that because her husband makes a lot of money, she's allowed to tell other people what to do. can you imagine the thorough whipping for antonio that she must be at home? antonio, if you're listening take some unsolicitied advice from me and call a divorce lawyer.

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Anonymous said...

About the divorce - you are completely right. I've been waiting to see him do it - it would certainly encourage me and millions more like me in the same boat with a crazy, crazy bitch. He would be my hero.

Teach from Arlington, VA