nfl coaching carousel update

the jets just hired pats defensive coordinator eric mangini to be their head guy. obviously, mangini's strong ties to belichick helped. 10 years as an assistant, but this is his first year as a coordinator. menawhile guys like herm edwards and lovie smith have to toil for years and years as a coordinator before they even get a shot.

anyways, the other people that interviewed for the job: jet's d-cooridnator donnie henderson, jet's o-coordinator mike heimerdinger, jet's special teams coach mike westoff, former coaches, mike tice, jim haslett, and joe vitt, and giant's d coordinator tim lewis. henderson and lewis are black. although i should say that it is encouraging to see that more than one african american was interviewed for this job. however, according to the espn article, it looks like that mangini was the only one that was really considered. however, that's something we can't know for sure. anyways, let's take a look at how many african american candidates have been interviewed so far.

Kansas City - herm edwards was acquired via trade from the NY Jets, no other candidates were considered. edwards is african american.

Green Bay - interviewed: mike mccarthy (off. coordinator for the niners), tim lewis, maurice carthon (off. coordinator for the browns), sean payton (off. coordinator for the cowboys), wade phillips (def. coordinator for the chargers), ron rivera (def. coordinator for the bears), and jim bates (former def. coordinator for the packers). of the 7 candidates interviewed 2 were african-american (carthon and lewis). mccarthy is white.

Minnesota - interviewed: ted cottrell (former def. coordinator for the vikings), brad childress (off. coordinator for the eagles), al saunders (off coordinator for the chiefs), jim caldwell (ass. head coach and qb coach for the colts). of the 4 candidates, 2 were african-american (cottrell, caldwell). childress is white.

NY Jets - interviewed: henderson, heimerdinger, mangini, westoff, mike tice, jim haslett, and joe vitt, lewis. of the 8 candidates, 2 were african-american (henderson and lewis). mangini is white.

totals so far - 4 head coaching positions, 20 interviews held, 7 with african americans for a 35% clip. one african american coach hired so far.

what does this all mean? well, so far it looks like the nfl is interviewing more african americans than just the token one minority candidate that the league mandates. however, so far, only one has been hired, and even so, that one is complicated by the fact that there really wasn't a search process for the job, so on the hiring front, there's still seemingly a lot of ground to make up before we can call the situation improving, especially when all of the same african americans are interviewing for the same jobs and none of them are getting jobs. and especially when white coaches with lesser experiences are getting those jobs. we'll keep you updated as more coaches get hired.

p.s. eff peyton manning. he cost me a bundle this weekend.


Erik said...

Eff Peyton Manning is right, man. And, Bob, where are you on the race question here??

Manning directly disobeyed his coach during the game this weekend, refusing to get off the field and allow the punt team on. Waving disdainfully at the punter to get back on the sideline, Manning stayed out there.

Isn't this even worse than T.O. calling out McNabb in an off-the-field interview?

And then, in his own off-the-field interview, Manning had the audacity to say that his line wasn't protecting him properly and that's why he lost yet another postseason game. F. That. Guy.

Oh, but wait, Manning (postseason record 3-6) is Awesome, and quite white, so he can say whatever he wants to his black coach.

Or am I missing something here.

Also, F the replay review.

Bob said...

i heard on the radio today that dungy had told manning in his headset that they were going to go for it, and it was the punt team that got overzealous. but don't worry, manning was sorry in so many other ways, that this doesn't change his overall suck-ass-ness. and replay....well, nothing wrong with a little replay. i say get it right.