nfl coaching carousel update

i've got some things to say about the whole antonio davis thing, but there's just too much football to deal with that now. this will be a long very football intensive post. first things first, let's update you on the nfl coaching carousel and how black candidates are doing.

New Orleans: interviewed: donnie henderson (jets' d-coordinator), maurice carthon (browns' off. coordinator, mike sherman (former packers' coach) mike martz (former st. louis coach), and sean payton (cowboys' off. coordinator). payton was hired. henderson and carthon are black, the rest white.

Detroit: interviewed: dick jauron (detroit's def. coordinator), jim haslett (former saints' coach), russ grimm (o-line coach for pittsburgh), gary kubiak (denver's off. coordinator), carthon, tim lewis (giants' def. coordinator), rod marinelli (bucs d-line coach), and mike singletary (49ers' assistant head coach and super bowl shuffler). marinelli was hired and is white. singletary, carthon, and lewis.

St. Louis: interviewed: ron rivera (bear's def. coordinator), scott linehan (miami's off. coordinator), cam cameron (off. coordinator for the chargers), jim fassel (ravens' off. coordinator), ken whizenhunt (steelers' off. coordinator), tim lewis, and mike zimmer (dallas' def. coordinator). linehan got the job, and he is white. only lewis is black.

that brings our totals up to 40 interviews held for 7 positions, for 32.5% of candidates being african american. still no black coaches hired yet, unless you count herm edwards which you shouldn't. two more teams to go, the texans and the raiders...let's hope one of them can get over the fact that some of the candidates are black.

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