nfl coaching carousel update

2 more posts got filled. additionally, mike mularkey resigned from the bills which brings the total number of posts available or were available to 10. guess what we're projecting to be the number of african american coaches hired to be? hint: it rhymes with zero.

Houston: interviewed: gary kubiak (denver's off. coordinator), jerry gray (buffalo's def. coordinator), cam cameron (san diego's off. coordinator), al saunders (kc's off. coordinator), scott linehan (miami's off. coordinator), and kippy brown (texan's receiver's coach). kubiak was hired and he is white, brown was the only african american candidate.

Buffalo: interviewed: dick jauron (detriot's interim head coach), mike sherman (former packer's head coach), dom capers (former texans head coach), jim caldwell (indy's qb/assistant head coach). jauron got the job, only caldwell is african american.

totals, for the eight posts filled so far: number of total candidates - 50; african american coaches interviewed - 9, for a total of 18% of interviews going to african-americans, and of course the big one...not a single black coach hired.

on the bright side, some other media outlets are finally picking up on this story. peter king mentioned it in his monday morning quarterback column yesterday. michael smith also has a column about it on espn.com today. his assertion however is that networking is the key, which seems stupid to me because these black coaches have been in the league forever and you would assume that they know plenty of people...just none that think black people can coach. anyways, the point is, these major media outlets are ripping me off and not givng me any credit....what abou....ahh never mind.

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Erik said...

Smith's column is the top story on espn.com right now. Looks like someone's been reading The Ragin Asian...