the NFL coaching carousel

it looks like the green bay packers are about to hire their new head coach. they're going with the offensive genius behind the high-powered-second-to-last-place-49ers, mike mccarthy. of the 9 available coaching vacancies, 3 of them have been filled. herm edwards moving form the jets to replaced the retiring dick vermeil and brad childress taking over the boat luvin' vikings. in any case, so far, only one of the vacant head positions has been filled by an african-american. and even that should be somewhat qualified since he was a already a head coach for another team.

in looking at the candidates for the other positions, it seems that none of the leading candidates are black. although each list has at least one person since the NFL mandates that teams interview a person of color for head coaching positions. of course, that's become a sham. the detroit lions have taken it to a new level in calling to interview linebacking legend mike singletary for their coaching post. so instead of just calling in a token black person to interview, they're actually using their token black interview on a well known figure to give themselves some good PR on this front. especially galling when you consider they didn't even consider a black coach when they decided to hire mariucci.

anyways, the mccarthy thing really gets my goat, cuz this is someone that really doesn't have anything to show for his time as an assistant. meanwhile, ted cottrell, who was interviewed for the vikings post, had his failure to get the job magnified by the fact that childress fired him from his post of defensive coordinator of the vikes. this is the same childress who ran a great jets defense, the same childress who helped turnaround the vikings season, and somehow some loser like mccarthy can get a head coaching job no problem. anyways, i'll keep you updated on the fortunes of the black coaching candidates as i hear about them. like i said, from what i can tell, none of the leading candidates are black, so it looks like in a year when 20% of the coaching positions in the league are available, 0% will go to black coaches. way to go NFL!

bonus race/sports link! chuck klosterman wrote an incredibly astute racial analysis of adam morrison of gonzaga and why whitey wants so badly to have another larry bird. you should check it out for sure.

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