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it's been a while, but i need to make the official announcement that fredo kicked my ass in this year's football pick 'em contest. i don't even know what the final score was but he beat me handily in the points department. in the won-lost department, i think we ended up a little closer. this of course is all relatively speaking because overall, we sucked in football this year. it was never more evident that this past weekend when we went to vegas. the two games that seemed like money in the bank killed us. i mean just killed us. here's what we learned this past weekend.

1) when most of the people in the sportsbook are cheering the same way you are cheering, then you know that you're in trouble.

2) peyton manning is on his way to becoming dan marino. 3-6 in the playoffs, never beat florida when he was at tennesee. i also found out today that of the five losses he had in high school, three of them were in the state playoffs. actually, i take the dan marino stuff back, because his teammates liked him. i'm sure that many of you have heard that he threw his offensive line under the bus when he pinned the loss on "problems with protection". all of the criticism about not being able to win a big game are completely founded. better yet, the criticism of him being a d-bag are founded as well. i've been looking for a picture of the look on manning's face when vanderjagt missed that field goal and it seemed like he was thinking, "hell, even if i did make it to the super bowl, i don't think i'd know what to do anyways." what a sorry sonuvabitch. thanks for losing that 150 bucks for me.

3) tom brady as great as he is, is just as responsible for the loss as kevin faulk and his fumbles or the officials for blowing the pass interference call. the interception in the end zone that went the other way was one of the worst decisions i've ever seen a quarterback make. i'm not saying he's done, but if we're gonna praise him for winning, then we need to blame him when the pat's lose. however, i still contend that the pat's should have won that game by 20. the truth is, the better team loss. anyone who says that they predicted that their second string running back would funble twice, that brady would not be able to complete a pass or hit an open wide receiver, and that vinateri would miss a crucial field goal is just plain full of crap and is a morally corrupt person who will go to hell for lying. tom brady owes me 50 bucks.

4) that steve smith is an out and out stud.

anyways, needless to say, it's been a brutal year for me and football. 51% is at least a winning record, but in vegas terms, that means i would have lost about 10% because of the rake. the only explanation that i can come up with for my poor performance is that i angered the football gods by proclaiming myself a football genius after my breakout performance last year. i've learned my lesson, and i seek penance from these gods. forgive me masters....my catharsis is complete.

anyways, i just thought i'd leave you with this from peter king's column on monday, which i just got around to reading today
I think this about the situation of Kansas City offensive coordinator Al Saunders, who has choreographed and called every offensive snap for the highest-scoring team in football over the last four years, and yet seems to be a candidate for only one of the open jobs, Oakland. If Saunders were black, Jesse Jackson would be holding rallies to rail against the injustice of him not being in demand as a head coach.
now peter king is entitled to his opinion, but i'm entitled to say that this comment is somewhat racist. comparing al saunder's not getting a job to 40+ years of systematic exclusion from the head coaching ranks is a bit of stretch if you ask me. perhaps saunders is deserving, but at least he's being considered as a real candidate by teams, unlike the ted cottrell's and the tim lewis' of the world who are only getting token interviews.

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Carlos "Fantasy Football Champion 2005" said...

Bob you're crazy! Now i'M not exactly sure who the favotite was or the spread but theres no way that you couldnt have seen this loss coming for the patriots. Lets be real did you REALLY think the Pats were going to win another super bowl considering all the problems they've been having. Sure, in the past they were able to overcome many injuries but lets just say that theyre not exactly getting any younger. They're a team full of washed out NFL former stars (minus Brady) surrounded by a bunch of young talentless scrubs. all of which is overshadowed by some good coaching

Its obvious that you and fredo allowed yourselves to be driven into thinking that their "winning streak" was a sign of things to come clearly clouding your judgement into picking them to win over a far superior team. You fell into the trap of hype (OH HERE COME THE PATRIOTS) just because they beat the Jets (twice), Bills, a Chris Simms led Bucs, and the struggling Jags? give me a break

anytime they played a team this year with a balanced offesive attack and a good defense they got smoked. see for example their losses to san diego, denver, k.c., carolina, and indy. in short you shouldve asked yourself who have the patriots beat this year with a balanced offesive attack and a stout d whcih is what they were up against? the answer: NO ONE!

On a final note, since you and fredo suck at picking games here are my picks for this week:

Denver (-3.5)

Theres is just no humanly way possibble that the Steelers are going to be able to run the ball in Denver so the question then is how will they score? More trick plays? Anytime you have to rely on trick plays to win you games youre in bad shape. I would be surprised if Pitt scored more than 13pts. Denver by at least 10.

Seahawks (-3.5)

This will actually be the most diasppointing game of the two because this game is smelling like a blowout to me. Alexander is going to go wild and Hasselbeck will keep them honest. For as good as Steve Smith is I dont trust Jake Delhomme and Nick Goings is in a trouble against an under-rated D. Seattle runs away with this one.