this post is probably a few days late, but like i said, i'm turning over a new leaf and going to blog as much as possible. anyways, rose bowl hero vince young announced that he was going to enter the draft yesterday. and as high as his stock has been since the rose bowl, i don't blame him. sure he could've stayed another year and win the heisman, but the risk of career ending injury is much higher than the reward of a multi-million dollar contract. but either way, whoever gets vince young, and it's looking like the homeless saints is screwed. let me lay out a few reasons why vince young will fail in the NFL.

1) no one, not even the greatest running quarterback of all time, michael vick, can make their bread and butter in the NFL as a runing quarterback. the element of the scramble is a nice complement to a good passing game, but there aren't any qb's who primarily run. the best package is the elway type, who has a canon for an arm and is mobile enough to turn what would be coverage sacks or passes thrown away into 6 yard gains. granted i think that vince young will be able to gain yards when needed with his legs, but not enough to sustain a super bowl contending team

2) in the nfl, defensive players know how to tackle. during the rose bowl, how many of usc yards came after first contact. i'm willing to bet at least 40 percent. not to take away anything from vince's amazing bowl performance, but once he gets to the big leagues, faster and better tackling defensive lineman and linebackers are going to knock his head into next week. his size (6'5") and his strength are what got him through college. however, in the pros, his size becomes a weakness in terms of being able to be brought down. pros know how to tackle the tall guy. they also know how to tackle receivers after 6 yard outs, which is something that USC couldn't do.

3) i don't know about his deep ball. you just have to be able to hit the bomb in the pros. i'm not saying you have to be able to chuck it like michael vick, but that's the dimension that makes vick an effective qb. he can throw deep plus run. vince has yet to show me his touch on the deep ball, or even the intermediate ball.

4) he's black. just kidding.

again, i'm not trying to take anything away from young. he played like a champ when it counted and his texas team can now go down as one of the undeateds. however, i just think all this talk about taking him over reggie bush, who is the runing back of his generation is ridiculous.

i know, this is generic sports blogging, but i need to warm up before i get to better sociologically relevant blogging.

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