allen iverson for president

i've recently come to the conclusion that basketball has the most inept management of all the major sports. when i mean management, i mean that only in the NBA would we see a trade like steve francis to the knicks. when it comes to marketing and stuff like that, the NBA are whizzes, but when it comes down to trying to fix the game, they're terrible.

take for instance, the news that allen iverson isn't going to be invited to try out for the olympic team. keep in mind, that this was the only guy from the bronze medal 2004 team who played worth a damn, the only player who didn't have a bad attitude during the olympics, and the only player who said at the end of it all that he was proud to play for his country. also keep in mind that he is averaging 33 points and 7 assists a game for a team that is 28-28, which if you think about it for a second, it makes his situation even more amazing than kobe's. also keep in mind, that we haven't seen a guy play with as much hustle, guts, and heart since rudy. and somehow, that dipshit mike krzyzewski thinks that america is better off without this guy on the team? i just don't get it. fredo said it best when he once said, "if allen iverson was white, they'd have named a state after him by now."

recently public opinion of the iverson has swayed more positively, but apparently, some of the powers that be don't think he'd be a good representative of our country. well, eff that, and eff the men's olympic basketball team. i almost hope that they don't medal in china.


alfredo said...

that is so ridiculous. there is no basketball reason why iverson should not be on that team. he's in the middle of the best run of his career and will just turn 32 next summer. what a joke. not to mention that he'd be one of the more marketable players on a worldwide stage. euros eat up the iverson persona. i guess we know how white america views him.

can you imagine how america would feel about someone with iverson's game and attitude if were white? they would call him the "intimidator" or the "white champion of the universe" and run around with his number or mustache stenciled into their pickup trucks. they would revere him for never backing down and always being on the attack. yep, that white sumbitch is just like me, they'd reckon. and yes, bob, they would rename idaho or wyoming after him and everyone would feel great about it.

it's the brett favre thing in reverse. american sports fans are so blind it kills me. it makes me have no patience with the david ecksteins of the world.

Erik said...
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Erik said...

So maybe if Iverson were white he'd get the respect he deserves. Same goes for the Pistons entire team, especially now that the ironically named Darko is gone.

Good news, though, as the 2008 Dream Team is all set.

That's Ms. Bitch to you said...

Awesome. By that logic, rapists are what we want in men who represent America. Truly fantastic.