comparing peyton and T.O. and their relationship with teammates

i'm just going through len pasquerelli's notes about the pro-bowl on espn.com. there was one sentence early on that struck me.
And they certainly haven't lost any faith in their quarterback, even as the remarks Peyton Manning made in the wake of the season-ending loss on Jan. 15 continue to be dredged up more than three weeks later.
i bring this up because it reminds me of something that peter king wrote during super bowl week. i can't find the exact story but basically, it was about the same thing as pasquerelli's story, something to the effect that king couldn't believe that the story of peyton throwing his offensive line under the bus with his enourmously sorry quote, "i want to be a good teammate here, but we had some problems blocking," was a story that had legs.

if you remember, last year, a certain disgruntled wide reciever whose name rhymes with Derrell Mowens, also made remarks about one of his teammates performance during a crucial loss. yet after his remarks, none of these columnists to my recollection were bemoaning the fact that the press was making a big deal out of nothing.

i know that T.O. and peyton occupy very different places in the NFL food chain, but i just think that it's a little stupid for guys like pasquerelli and king, who usually write good stuff and know better, to chide the press for holding peyton responsible for his remarks in the same way that they did terell owens. oh yeah, don't forget, T.O. is black. not saying the causal link exists, but i'm not saying it doesn't either.

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