nfl coaching carousel final tally

well, the raiders finally hired a coach and lo and behold, it's very black guy, art shell! the really frazy thing about all of this of course is that art shell was fired by al davis, i don't konw how many years ago, and it's been no secret that davis always regretted that move. but on with the tally, shall we? in addition to shell, the raiders interviewed, ken whisenhunt (off. coordinator for the steelers), bobby petrino (u of louisville head coach), james lofton (sd's receiver's coach), al saunders (kc's former off. coordinator, now with wash), and mike martz (former ram's head coach and current lions' off. coordinator). of those 6 candidates, lofton and shell were black. that brings the total number of candidates interviewed for 9 jobs - 56; total number of black candidates interviewed - 11 (19%), 2 coaches hired (herm edwards in KC, and art shell in oakland). while one of the jobs lost was by a black coach, he did find a job elsewhere (herm edwards). all told, there is one more black head coach in the NFL than there was last year.

i think that you'd be hard pressed to say that when around 20% of the available positions filled were by african americans, you can't call it a step backwards, but when 5 out of the 31 coaches are black, i don't think it's a real step forwards either. oh well, at least it's not college football.

on a related note, it is interesting to see that one-time coaching golden boy quin snyder got the boot from his head men's basketball gig at mizzou. my take is that people are coming around to saying that he did a really shitty job at mizzou, but if he were black, he would have been canned a couple of years ago. and then you have idiots like dick vitale basically saying that it wasn't quin's fault that he couldn't recruit, couldn't get his players to play for him, and broke NCAA rules. ummm....who's fault is it then dick vitale? anyways, as always, this is an interesting story that we'll continue to track.

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