the persecution of the gamblorites

my people are under attack today, as some hockey guy gets in trouble for taking bets for other hockey guys and one hockey girl, who happens to be the greatest hockey player of all time's wife.

no doubt this is bad news for an already struggling sport, but the ragin' asian says, what's the big effin' deal? people bet on sports all the time, and as long as they didn't bet on hockey, or influence the outcomes of their own games, then nobody gets hurt. the argument in this story is that even if they don't influence t he outcome of the game, they still might get tempted to give inside information to unsavory characters, i.e. injuries. if you just force teams to be honest about their injuries, you wouldn't have to worry about that kind of crap.

anyways, like the article every major sports league has all sorts of taboos about gambling, but it seems to me that the best way to get rid of the problems of gambling is to make it ok for pro-athletes to bet on any sport except their own. and really in the big picture of things, there are a lot worse things that pro-athletes are doing that are much worse than gambling.

it also seems arcane to me to hold on to a notion that gambling is somehow inherently evil or morally wrong. it is a multi-billion dollar business that is a very normalized part of everyday life here in america. i don't have to drive more than five minutes to find an OTB place and play the horsies. yes, of course some people have problems with it, but some people also have problems with putting on too much makeup and you don't see anyone protesting outside the may-kay factory. leave us gamblers in peace, i say. leave us be.

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