sports quick hits

1) another reason why the period between the super bowl and march madness is the worst sports period every year, the winter olympics. if you hadn't seen, american idol blew the olympics out of the water in terms of ratings. and it's great to see the talking heads on television wonder why the ratings aren't any good. it's actually not that difficult of a question to answer. the answer is the winter olympics suck. here more than the summer olympics, the whole "olympic spirit" crap is what people want to see. i'm not saying that winter olympians are not athletes, after all, it probably does take a lot of athletic skill to be able to ski down a mountain that fast, but unlike the summer olympics, the athleticism is simply not on showcase. i mean when you watch the final for the 100 meter dash, you know that in essence, you are watching a contest for who the fastest person on earth is. it's a fairly simple premise that we can all understand and be interested in. but when you watch, say the luge, you think that maybe you're watching who can keep their toes pointed longest, combined with who's the heaviest, combined with a whole host of other factors that well, just don't seem important. i'm not saying that all the other reasons that people are citing, such as the time delay, the lack of personalities, and the lack of US dominance, aren't factors, because they surely are. i'd be a lot more interested in hockey if i thought that the americans stood a chance, but the truth is they don't, so like most ugly americans, i just don't care. in sum, eff the winter olympics.

oh yeah, the winter olympics are also imperialist and racist. even if they took out all the snow, it'd still be the whitest thing since coachella.

2) in the latest issue of SI, (no not the swimsuit issue - guys and lesbians, you're welcome), ozzie guillen calls a-rod a little bitch for his wishy-washy-ness on the world baseball tourney. of course, i agree, and of course, a-rod being sorry is nothing new, but it's certainly a good excuse to run this picture again.

3) it looks like sammy sosa is going to retire. and yes, i know that he probably cheated big-time, but for someone who lived in chicago during his hey-day, the whole thing is just sad to me. especially how chicago fans seem to be distancing. all i know is that the dude had an impact on the game and come july would always put on a show. i don't know what else we can ask for.

4) black NCAA men's basketball coach mike davis of indiana looks like he's quitting. true his past two years were not great, but it's not like his team quit on him or he's an alcoholic.

only a few weeks until pitchers and catchers report!

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