when and when not to criticize old white guys...

sometimes i think that we have our priorities mixed up in this country. take all the hubbub about dick cheney shooting his friend on a hunting trip. now this isn't a great thing to have happened, but surely it was an accident, and we're all glad that no one got killed. yet i've read everywhere that this is a sign of how the bush administration sucks. honestly, this has nothing to do with it. iraq, the economy, and spying on brown people for no reason are why the administration sucks. apparently there was even a little testy exchange in the white house press room about how the white house is trying to cover up something. there's nothing to cover up. dick chaney is old and he shot someone who he really didn't mean to shoot. it's stupid, but again, not the reason why he sucks.

then take oklahoma state men's basketball coach eddie sutton, who recently was in a car accident and cited for a DUI. instead of having a press conference or releasing a statement owning up to what he did, he instead opts to take a leave of absence for the rest of the season, citing "health reasons". people should be grilling eddie sutton and calling for his head, they did the same with bob huggins, but instead, i feel like no one is saying a word. imagine if it was mack brown or pete carrol who had gotten in a drunk driving accident.

strange how scandal works with old white guys isn't it?


Erik said...

Bob, would it change your mind if you found out that Cheney was drunk off his ass, hunting without the proper license, and allowed to take 15 hours to sleep it off before being questioned by local sherrifs?

There was an immediate cover up and an attempt to spin this tragic story by the White House from minute one.

If that's not enough to get you angry, maybe the fact that brown folks who shoot people while on hunting trips in Texas get treated quite differently than Cheney. Like they get charged with manslaughter.

I know you're upset that somehow carping on Cheney for this accident means that somehow we're pulling a Karl Rove character assassination. The difference here is that Karl Rove makes shit up (like McCain had illegitimate children with black people in South Carolina). We're just asking for the truth.

Oh, and this is what Cheney will always be remembered for. Forever. What else did Burr do besides drop Hamilton? For that reason alone, this historic event deserves our attention, and Cheney deserves to be ridiculed. F Dick Cheney.

Bob said...

do you feel good about yourself erik? are you gonna pat yourself on the back and say, "we really got him now." of course not, because, like the winter olympics, nobody gives a damn about this. does it gall you that the white house spins stuff, erik. don't you think "i didn't have sexual relations" was some kind of spin. like i said, when they spin and cover up iraq, that's a problem. when they spin and cover up cheney having a senior moment, it's a waste of both their time and resources, as well as my intellectual time.

does it make me angry that he gets special treatment? no more so than when that kind of stuff happens. my point is, the only people who get to gloat on this one are the people who were saying earlier, "cheney is dangerous with a shotgun in his hand and should not be allowed to hunt."

otherwise, you actually don't give a damn about what happened other than it gives you a chance to say "republicans are evil,". which makes you a douchebag because you pretending to care about shotgun accidents when in fact you could give two shits about shotgun accidents, hence your inaction on the "stricter gun permit laws for hunters" front.

picking up on this is opportunism. and since this is my blog, and it is not a political blog, no one is allowed to comment anymore on this.


while i agree with erik that cheney, like any public figure, should be open to ridicule and scrutiny i agree with bob on this one but to a different extent. my major problem with all the criticism is that it REALLY sounds like a bunch of partisan crybaby bs. in the end erik do you think theyre really going to try the vp for manslaughter and for not getting a $7 dollar stamp that was only implemented months ago?

i find the whole "chronology of events" constructed by all the major media outlets as effing hillarious. Is this a CSI thing?

my point is that crying about something as stupid as this and turning it into a major political crisis diminishes the impact of other more important criticisms leveled at the administration and just continues to fuel the fire of douchebag rightwing pundits. instead of crying about who gets charged with manslaughter and who doesnt why not ask the more important question of the usefulness of the entire PIC? this complaining makes the (center) left look a bunch of petty bitches who need minor rules infractions for shitty moral victories. in any event erik, im disappointed that you have allowed yourself to become a democratic reflection of bill oreilly. for that alone, you should go flush your head down the toilet..

alfredo said...

what you all fail to mention is that it is totally legal to shoot old white men in south texas. at least it should be. if erik is the democratic bill o'reilly, then i am the libertarian macho man randy savage. so i guess a cage match is in order.

Erik said...

I will punish you, Randy Savage. I'm not going to shoot you in the face like Cheney -- I'm going to shoot you in the face like Clinton.

Look here, Hater -- a man who supposedly hates but has nothing but love for evil Republicans -- and Bob: it's obvious to anyone not drinking the kool aid that Cheney not only shot his friend in the face sending him by helicopter to the ICU, but he was also drunk off his ass as he did it. This coming from someone who is supposed to have credibility and gravitas and all that. This shows how he is a man of weak character, and if we Democrats aren't willing to talk about character at a time like this, then we really are a bunch of weak-kneed coastal latte sipping snorebags.

It's not about gun safety, Bob, it's about leadership. Cheney is supposed to be the anchor behind Bush, the serious one who actually knows his stuff. Turns out he's an irresponsible douche just like the rest of them.

Look -- the Associated Press is saying that Cheney's account of the event is "filled with discrepancies." Cheney and his minions carefully slowed the reporting of this incident to shift blame off of himself. It culminated in yesterday's press conference when the man who was shot in the face said "I'm sorry."

And you two still want to give him a pass?