2 conspiracy theories that are incorrect

in a nice confabulence (hi jp!), there are two separate stories in pop culture and sports that have a connecting thread.

mike krzyzewski, head coach of duke seems to think that the media is out to get him and duke. similarly, with the near release of the scott stapp sex tape, this same shadow organization is also out to get scott stapp and ruin his career.

let's just say that if these two clowns were robots and radiohead wrote a song about them, they'd call it paranoid androids. for duke, it's quite the opposite. all that winning has finally gotten to coach k. how do you explain dick vitale giving jj reddick a hummer at half time of the UNC game? and as for stapp...well you have to have a career in the first place before someone can ruin it.

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alfredo said...

let me be the first to say that kirby puckett will be missed.