a banner week for asians in sports

fresh off the heels of japan winning the world baseball classic, i thought i'd also take a moment to point out a little story that won't make it to most people's newspaper.

this past weekend, california had it's state basketball championship games. the division II title pitted private school power house and the #11 team in the country mater dei (same school that matt leinart went to) against palo alto high. they showed it on fox sports saturday night so i was able to catch most of it. anyways, the short story is, led by their star point guard jason lin, palo alto was able to beat mater dei for the championship 51-47.

it wasn't quite the miracle in milan, but just by looking at the teams, you could tell that generally speaking, mater dei was really an overwhelming favorite. they had four or five guys that were at least 6-7, and they had a couple of 7 footers as well. add that to the fact that their best player is going to play for duke, well, i think that goliath is clearly established here. they even have a snotty mascot, the monarchs. and well, it was clear that they underestimated their opponent and didn't have the speed to keep up with palo alto.

anyways, the point is, it was really neat to see an asian kid leading the way on the basketball court, something that is really rare. not that asian kids can't play, but the truth is, there are very few college players that are of asian descent. in a culture that stereotypes asians as intellectuals, docile, and unmasculine, at least for one day, that stereotype was proven wrong. jason lin, if you read this, congratulations from one ragin asian to another. you've done your pan-ethnic brothers and sisters proud.

p.s. jason lin is going to harvard next year...which is kinda funny. as great as this is for raising asian profile in sports, the stereotype still trumps over all. we just can't win.

and introducing the starting point guard for the harvard engineering intramural team...

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