go GMU, i guess...

don't get me wrong, i'm rooting for the #11 seed as much as any one, but does anyone really care about the final four anymore? i am of the opinion that the NCAA has hyped the event of the final four so much that it has in effect, destroyed college basketball. there are other factors such as high schoolers going pro, but for the most part, other than the tournament, college basketball just doesn't mean as much as it used to.

perhaps this is good ol' day syndrome, but when i was a kid, i could name all the starting lineups of the top 10 teams. these days, i'd be hard pressed to name any one of the starters in this years final four. i mean, jordan farmar from UCLA, who i only know since i live in socal, and there's that one kid on florida who looks like troy polamalu with his crazy ass hair, but other than that, i'm drawing a complete blank.

again, i'm not saying it's not a big deal, cuz obviously, it's the second most important sporting event of the year behind the superbowl. but tell me, unless you're related to the school in some way, are you going to remember this george mason team five years from now? probably not. are you going to remember any of these teams or any of these players. there are just too many conferences trying to cram as many teams into the tournament for it to be meaningful anymore.

my apathy towards college hoops has gotten so bad, that in the first time in about...well, forever, i didn't fill out a bracket. not that it mattered, since i doubt anyone in the country has more than two teams left.

another factor that i attribute this waning in popularity is the fact that college basketball commentators are by far the worst of any sport. dick vitale? billy packer? rick majerus? all of these guys are gigantic blowhards who only know how to fellate coaches and praise white kids for not having tatoos. eff college basketball.

but hey, whatever. go patriots.

p.s. the one redeeming factor of this year's final four is the fact that the two great white hopes (re: soon-to-be NBA role players), jj redick and adam morrison had horrible games last weekend, and their teams lost.

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