holy cow

it's not a real surprise to find that there's actual proof that bonds used steroids. the the real meat is in how he used them. i just got through reading book excerpt and even though, i'm as crotchety as they get when it comes to sports, i must admit, i'm flabbergasted...cheating on your taxes? stealing medicine from aids patients? narcolepsy drugs? pulling a kirby puckett (r.i.p.) on his mistress?

i mean, we all knew one day it would come. in the same way the day came for mark mcgwire's reckoning on capital hill. but man, i can't but help but sit here and wonder when did the national pasttime go so wrong. i have more thoughts on this, but i need to digest this some more, as well as track the reaction to it. rest assured, the ragin' asian will be back with more ragin' (just not the roid ragin' variety).

p.s. i find it amazing that kirby puckett's indiscretions are hardly being mentioned in his obituaries. in ragin' asian terms, here's a black man who seemingly fooled everyone, and then it turns out he has a dark side that no one could even imagine, yet somehow people just didn't want to hear about it. meanwhile kobe does the same thing and he has and will always be saddled with this black predator thing. how does this stuff work? can someone tell me?

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Erik said...

Call me old-fashioned, but I think generally bad things about people usually aren't said on the day they pass.

But clearly, you're right, Kirby has always been seen as a nice guy. Just like Isiah.

All you need to do, I think, is know how to use the media. Cheney is seen as this terribly serious man with a lot of gravitas and knowledge. In reality, he's been promoted without earning it for most of his life, and he went on a drunken "hunting" trip where he shot his friend in the face.

Oh, and in closing, F Barry Bonds.