sports quick hits

1) japan wins the inaugural world baseball classic, by thumping the cubans 10-6. i haven't said much about the WBC so far, except to say that the US team were a bunch of losers and should lose their citezenship for failing its citizenry so badly. but i will say this, it was really neat to see the japanese win one for their country and it was really neat to see fans of all of the latin american countries showing up in droves faces painted and chanting like crazy. the WBC is a good idea, and they ought to do it again.

2) america's team just got a lot better at wide receiver. look, if it were your team, you'd want him catching balls too. i've said this before and i'll say it again. it's not necesarily good to be an off the field distraction, but in the big picture, if you do what T.O. has done on the field than it doesn't matter. now erik, is going to go off on this, and say, so if someone rapes a kid, it's ok for him to play on your team. and here's my answer. i watch sports because i like to see athletic achievement. not moral achievement, but athletic. now it's easy for people to equate the two, but all the evidence in the world will point to the fact that i am right and that moral quality and athletic ability have a correlation somewhere in the neighborhood of ZERO. that being said, if i want my team to win, and that takes T.O. lining up for me on the left side, then that's fine by me. if i wanted to root for a team with fine upstanding young men that represented the spirit of team play, well then, i'd watch some special olympics wheelchair basketball or some crap like that. the tradeoff of course, is that i wouldn't be watching anything remotely athletic. and most likely, i'd be watching a bunch of losers. i acknowledge that this could blow up in the cowboys face, but it's not like they were a super bowl contender last year. this is classic jerry jones and i like the move. not only does it make the team better but it proves that the dallas cowboys are the most relevant football team in the league because they are willing to take chances.

3) alfonso soriano is griping about not being able to play 2nd base in washington. he's gone so far as to not go out on the field even though his name was in the lineup. a lot of people are saying "what a selfish guy" and "what a jerk". me i don't care, cuz he's not on my team anymore. i'm only commenting on this because i find it mercurial. i had to root for soriano for a couple of years when he was a ranger. the thing is, he's a terrible second baseman. he's averaged 20 errors a season since he became a full time second baseman. i'm completely perplexed as to why he wants to stay there and embarrass himself further. and yes it's different from the T.O. thing because the errors can actually cause you to lose a game directly, while badmouthing your teammates can only hurt your team if your quarterback lets it.

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H8R MCS "Fantasy Football Champions 2005" said...

You can be sure that the H8R MCS super star GM ashy larry is all over this. looks like americas (worst) team might actually be worthy of some of my fantasy attention this year as i move on to the professional leagues...