duke lacrosse update

so it looks like there aren't any DNA matches for any of the duke lacrosse team with what i'm assuming is evidence found on the body of the victim. the DA is not conceding anything though, and neither am i. however, i'd imagine that this is a serious blow to the DA's case. however, this still doesn't change the fact that durham NC and duke have plenty of racial tensions. this incident only brought them to light. furthermore, it is another case where a possible victim of sexual assault is turned into the bad guy, and she gets put on trial. she already has two strikes against her in the eyes of the justice system: the fact that she's black, and the fact that she's a stripper. oddly enough, however, i suspect that those two populations are actually subject to more sexual assault than the normal population for various reasons. in any case, i'm sure that the high priced lawyer that the lacrosse team hired will no doubt begin his crusade to discredit the alleged victim.

however, i didn't want to be one of those info outlets that doesn't say anything when they have speculated incorrectly. not that we're clear on what happened, cuz it looks like the DA is going to still press charges anyway, but it would have been a lot more clear as to what happened if there was any DNA match. however, now that there isn't, i think everyone has to admit, no one really knows what the hell happened that night. again however, that doesn't mean we don't know what the hell goes on when a bunch of rich white kids go to school in the middle of a black area.

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