I'm a baseball player damnit!

former mets 1st baseman and current mets announcer keith hernandez made some insensitive remarks about women during a mets broadcast. one of the padre's massage therapist (the fully licensed type, you pervs) was in the dugout when hernandez spotted her. the quote is pretty amazing:
I won't say that women belong in the kitchen, but they don't belong in the dugout
as if that wasn't bad enough, he half-heartedly followed up with this gem:
You know I am only teasing. I love you gals out there -- always have.
a few things to note.

1) in this day and age, i can't believe that anyone who makes his living talking on television would say something like that. how many times have we walked down this road...al campanis, rush limbaugh, that dude who called condi rice a "coon". i know that superstars are insulated from the world at large, but geez...how many more of these dumb things are we going to have to hear before we can be done with this kind of thing.

2) "gals"? i know that it's not as condescending as girls (which he called the female in question when he first saw her), but does anyone actually use that word? i'm trying to picture myself walking up to a group of my female friends and saying, "hey gals, what's going on?" i then picture my female friends looking at me funny. gals..it's so 1930's.

3) i was also trying to picture the broadcast booth when this all went down. do you think that before he went on his little tirade, he was thinking to himself, "Come on, I won the MVP in '79. I can do whatever I want. I'm Keith Hernandez."?


Ian said...

2. My dad and grandfather say this, but only occasionally. You're right, it is a retro term. I can't think of anyone under 40 who uses it.

3. I'm sure there wasn't much, if any thought put into it at all. Most people say what they feel because they believe they have the support of the majority of their viewers/listeners. Besides, half of all color comentators thrive on controversy. Don Cherry on CBC's Hockey Night in Canada regularly dismisses european players as pansies who aren't as tough as good old North Americans. And of course, he gets away with it because of his audience.

Ian said...

By the way, I'm still no sold on the Condi Rice "coon" incident. He clearly meant to say coup, and accidentally said coon. People are just too sensitive and won't let anything that sounds like it could be racist slide. Kind of like the DC staffer who got in trouble for using the word "niggardly." Apparently a word of Swedish (I believe) origin that sounds something like a famous word was just too much for someone else on the staff.


Nicki said...

I must be the only woman under forty to use the term gal. I am particularly fond of the term "gal pal", which I apply to my friend Brooke at least daily.