more dumb lacrosse talk!

myles brand, president of the NCAA had this little nugget to bestow upon us today about the duke lacrosse team situation:
Nonetheless, the situation that arose was inappropriate at best. It is inappropriate that we should have any group of young men, let alone those who play on our athletic teams, inviting a stripper, underage alcohol and that kind of environment.
is he serious? this is coming from a guy who used to be president of indiana university, yes, that indiana in bloomington illinois where there is nothing to do but drink and hire strippers. i just don't know what planet that he is living in. if this is not exemplary behavior, i promise you that over 90% of NCAA athletes are in the same situation...well maybe not the stripper part, but when i was at depaul, there were some legendary stories about the sexual conduct at the basketball team. same at arizona for the football team. a quote like that makes me wonder just how out of touch these white men who run college athletics are.

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