adios shrimpo, adios.

umm...yes way.

doug flutie retires.

i'd never debate how great flutie was as a college player. his attachment to the hail mary that beat miami, is something that deserves recognition, but it always amazed me how he managed to retain the label of winner in the pros. a quick look at his stats will show that as a pro, he was completely mediocre. not once, did he ever finish in the top 5 of any passing category and only twice did he ever actually start in a playoff game, and he lost both of those games.

but people loved flutie. i mean, people loved him. does anyone remember flutie flakes? sure he lit it up in the canadian league, but to celebrate that is like celebrating someone who was a great minor league player but hit .230 in the bigs.

in any case, the point is, that it is often said that how you are perceived by fans is almost always dictated by what you do on the field. this argument is often used when a player with a bad rap off the field is given second chance after second chance by fans and teams alike (i.e. terrell owens, bonzi wells, etc.). however, in the case of flutie, i think that it is clear that many americans have a pre-conceived idea of what their sports heroes should be, and if they fit the mold, no matter how average to below average they are on the field, people will still hold him up as a hero anyways. and no one fit that mold better than little tiny doug flutie. take this paragraph from the article:
He then joined the NFL, but his freewheeling style and short stature were a poor fit for its conservative schemes. He played five games for Chicago the next two seasons and 17 for New England from 1987-89.

Only in the CFL, with its wide-open game, did he truly find success, throwing for 41,355 yards and 270 touchdowns in eight seasons with British Columbia, Calgary and Toronto.

i think the quote should read, "he was too short to be any good in the NFL and he sucked when given starting jobs, so he went to an inferior CFL and did very well."

i'm not saying he didn't accomplish anything, after all, you can't completely suck and stay in the league for 12 years. but you can kinda suck and people will keep giving you chances because of things completely unrelated to how good you are.

this is just the kind of crap that i'm talking about. mark kreidler of espn.com writes that doug flutie should get some consideration for the pro football hall of fame. ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME? first he says that we shouldn't hold the fact that flutie had his greatest years in the CFL against flutie. if he was so freakin' good, then why didn't any NFL team snap him up during that time? are you going to tell me that raghib ismail should be in the pro football hall of fame as well? but it gets worse. really bad actually. he then says that there is already a precedent of CFL players getting in the hall of fame in warren moon, which is a horrible horrible comparison. he even displays this chart to show the similarities:

Moon Flutie

USFL DNP 2,109 yds
13 TDs
CFL 21,228 yds
144 TDs
41,355 yds
270 TDs
NFL 49,325 yds
291 TDs
14,715 yds
86 TDs
Total 70,553 yds
435 TDs
58,179 yds
369 TDs

let's see, sure flutie has better numbers in the CFL league, but the NFL numbers are not even in the same league. 30,000 more yards, and over 200 more touchdowns. and then when you add up all the career numbers, it's still a landslide for moon, 12,000 yards, and 60 more TDs! for even more reasons why warren moon is a gazillion times better than doug flutie, check out the breakdown of moon's career statistics, especially the part about where moon ranks all time in completions (4), yards (4) , and touchdowns (5), compared to the number of categories where flutie ranks in the top 50 (big fat ZERO). flutie doesn't even sniff moon's jock let alone the hall of fame. this kind of crap just really chaps my ass! if doug flutie gets into the hall of fame, i'm going to go to canton myself and burn the place down. especially if flutie gets in before some other worthy candidates who have been snubbed thus far.

by the way, i'm won't say that this is the causal factor in flutie's consideration, but please note one other significant difference between these two quarterbacks, and i'm not talking about warren moon's well manicured mustache.


david eckstein said...

whitey loves loves loves the all-effort scrappy guy. (that guy is me, thinks the media.)

Erik said...

I bet Warren Frigging Moon never drop-kicked a PAT.

H8R said...

all i know is that when doug flutie was given the reigns to the chicago bears in the late 80s he sucked major ass!!! the bears have never been the same since...if only they still had a real hall of famer--Jim McMahon!

Bob said...

seriously erik, the media went effing apeshit when flutie did the drop kick. and it's mentioned in almost all the articles about his retirement as well. and it's so stupid. that's like saying, "one of the reasons why we should put him into the hall of fame is cuz he wore a leather helmet."

warren moon for president.

Ian said...

Putting Flutie in the HOF for drop-kicking a PAT would be like putting Spud Webb in the HOF for winning the dunk contest.

Likeability should never be a factor in HOF voting. You'd wind up with a hall that included William Perry and Ickey Woods.