i'm happy to announce...

...that the britney spears playboy watch is BACK ON! for a while i thought that she was going to get comfortable with the whole motherhood thing and never shed her clothes for softcore smut like she is destined too. but then i found out that she posted a ridiculous poem on her website (it's a flash site, so i can't directly link to the poem, but as of today, it's still front page stuff, just click on the "more" link on the right side of the page. anyways, for a funny explication of poem, see here.

anyways, here's how it breaks down. she's completely lost it, but there are too many people who can still make money off of her and they will make her realize what a joke her life has become. the meltdown between her and k-fed is now more inevitable than ever. this of course is complicated by the fact that she's got another bun in the oven. here's what i predict. she will try to one up denise richards and file divorce 1 hour before she's due to have a c-section. with baby stuff getting settled and the slow nature of the divorce process, i figure it will be about a year before she's officially single again. of course geniusly, she will be working on her new album the whole time. this time however, she's gonna pull out all of the stops and make sure that the album is good. i'm talking this is gonna be her "live through this". and then, just to show that 1) she's still a viable artist and 2) to celebrate her survival through all of this and 3) it's the last time she can do it before sean preston is old enough to realize what is happening, off come the clothes for hef and the with that prophecy fulfilled, we can finally finally get on with life. write it down kids....christmas 2008. i guarantee it, britney naked and with one of the 10 greatest albums of all time.

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H8R said...

seriously, who really wants to see britney spears naked anynore? have you see her lately? and im not just talking about bod here...her grill is lookin' super to' up!

however, i think she'll probably do it further cementing her status as a trailer park diva...GROSSNESS!!!