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with all the talk about reggie bush trying to wear number 5 in the NFL, the LA times ran an interesting piece on how sports teams now include women when designing wearable merchandise. if you're interested in this kind of thing, it is definitely a worthwhile read as it explores how the market realizes that the masculinist culture of sport traditionally excludes women, and how smart marketers upset the masculine apple cart by catering towards women. but there was something else that caught my eye. it has a top 10 list of NFL jerseys sold, broken down by men and women.

the top 10 men's jerseys
1. randy moss
2. ben roethlisberger
3. peyton manning
4. michael vick
5. troy polamalu
6. donavan mcnabb
7. terrell owens
8. tom brady
9. hines ward
10 brett favre

the top 10 women's jerseys
1. donavan mcnabb
2. ben roethlisberger
3. tom brady
4. brett favre
5. peyton manning
6. terrell owens
7. hines ward
8. eli manning
9. chad pennington
10. brian westbrook

plenty of knee-jerk sociologist conclusions to draw, and i'll get the ball rolling with a few:

1. 3 of the top 5 men's jersey's are qb's, vs. 5 of 5 for the ladies. ladies still seem to be infatuated with dating the high school qb, perhaps?

2. 2 of the top 5 men's jersey's belong to whitey, while 4 of the top 5 for the ladies are whitey. i'm not going so far as to say that women are racist, but they definitely are less interested in getting herpes from michael vick than dudes. also, eli manning and chad pennington both come from the #1 media market, so it makes a little sense that they're in the top 10 for women, but why not males? my general guess is that those women who can afford jerseys tend to prefer cute white guys like tom brady and brett favre over badass black guys like t.o. and ron mexico.

3. women in philly sure do love their eagles...brian westbrook?

4. it floors me to see peyton in the top 10 for guys. i can't think of a single dude who likes peyton.

5. hines ward is truly enjoying the aura effect of winning a superbowl. i do think it's interesting however that troy polamalu isn't enjoying them as much for the ladies. both are half asian, but troy is surely the better player at his position. i have no idea why guys like that and women don't.

6. defense may win championships, but they sure don't sell jerseys as polamalu is the only defensive player that gets on either list.

anyways, feel free to respond to my opinions or add your own observations.

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