the round mound of sucking up to star athletes

last night, at halftime of a tough mav's loss, kobe bryant appeared as an in-studio guest of TNT's studio show. i was at a restuarant that didn't have the sound turned up so i couldn't hear what was said, but i found out this morning that kobe confronted charles barkley about chuck calling kobe selfish after the debaucle that was kobe's second half of game 7 against the lakers, where he took 3 shots.

i was also terriby disappointed to find out that charles apologized for taking the comment public. kobe said that he was doing what his coaches told him to do, and although charles didn't take it back, he did say he shouldn't have said it on the air. ummmm....last i checked, sports commentators are supposed to say their opinion in public. and this is coming from sir charles who is known for saying what is exactly on his mind. this is completely perplexing to me because it's so out of character for the chuckster to back off like that. this is the same guy who appeared on SI with chains around his neck and accused the NBA of being racist. the reason the TNT show works so well is exactly because charles and kenny smith tell us exactly how it is. and even more specifically, their willingness to call out individual players. kobe was selfish that last night, and the lakers had no chance to win with him only taking three shots. as bob dole once said, "i know it, you know it, and the american people know it." and this is coming from me, a known kobe defender. why on god's green earth would be inappropriate for someone who is paid to analyze professional basketball to say that?

i know that charles is not exactly a journalist in the strictest sense, but to pander to an athlete really deals a blow to his credibility as a commentator. it reduces him to the likes of an ahmad rashad or stuart scott, two notorious asskissers.

my big question is what is charles' motivation for doing this. it's not like kobe is michael jordan or anything. surely he couldn't be scared of the pro-kobe backlash? was he scared of kobe? i know he's older than kobe, but he's got at least 200 pounds on kobe. not to repeat myself, but it just doesn't make any kind of sense. and i hope the printed press takes sir charles to task for such a weak move like that.

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H8R said...

yeah i saw this too and thought it was complete bs. i was disappointed to see charles apologize especially to kobe...my favorite part was when kobe tried to be funny and said he thought about jumping across the table and smacking charles in the head...if we would only have been so lucky to see him try...this coming from a guy who let crack-head looking reggie miller whip his ass...