sports quick hits

sorry it's been awhile. i was out of town this weekend with HK hanging out with hammer. anyways, there's a few things worth mentioning.

1) steve nash is probably going to win the MVP. again, how these kinds of things happen, i just don't know. here's the dirty secret. steve nash is not any better than he was with the mavericks. i love him to death, and he's probably a top 2 point guard in the league, but when you compare what he did to what kobe, lebron, and even dirk did this year, he really shouldn't be in this conversation. last year, i chalked it up to a turnaround job. this year, i'm at a loss. so i'll just resort to my default, racism. sports writers love whitey!

2) holy cow! john daly has a really bad gambling problem. sometimes, i think that it's actually a good thing that i don't have a lot of money, cuz there's a greater than zero chance that i'd end up blowing it in vegas. the weird thing about the daly story is that he suffered a lot of his losses at the slot machines. did i mention that he said he's racked up over 50 million dollars in losses? i mean losing a ton of cash on black jack, i can at least kinda understand...but once my twenty runs out on the nickel machine, i'm out.

3) that last sentence isn't true. i've got serious gambling problems.

4) those of you who are jonesing for your duke lacrosse fix will be relieved to know that a duke committee has recommended that the team be reinstated next year, after this year's cancellation of the season. as usual, college administrators have their heads up their ass. i've got no problem with resuming the program, but the committee calls for close monitoring of the program due to a history of problems related to alcohol....if that's the case, then every single NCAA division I team, male and female needs to be closely monitored.

i thought i had more, but apparently i got nothing. sorry.


H8R "GM of the Year" said...

Geez Bob I htought you would have something to say about your hometown Texans and their not drafting Reggie Bush. Only way to explain it is racism in my opinion...

How about those Broncos? I'll be surprised if they loose one game next year...

Bob said...

seeing as how mario williams is black as well, we'll go ahead and eliminate racism from the list of possible causes. a more likely cause is that houston's GM had his head up his ass.

as we're fond of saying sometimes...follow the money...

Ian said...

Naw. Don't chalk it up to racism. Chalk it up to the sports writers painting themselves into a corner.

They gave it to him last year (I thought Shaq deserved it), and then when he was better in every statistical category this year, they felt obligated to give it to him again.

This is, of course, a joke. When Isiah put up Nash numbers or far better for his entire career and never got an MVP look, let alone an award, it shows how much the NBA has changed. In the 80's this award belongs to Kobe (Jordan) or Lebron (Bird).

As an aside, I find it interesting that Magic never won an MVP award until Bird got injured (1989).

Bob said...

hi ian,

glad to hear you chime in. but i have to disagree and say that race has to have something to do with it. it's weird, i've yet to read a sports writer come out publicly with his rationale for choosing steve nash. in fact, i've read nothing but arguments against, yet somehow steve nash is the MVP in the face of all logic, which is what happened last year. i'm not saying that the writers are racists and trying to keep the mvp out of african american players' hands, but i think that there has to be some kind of thought that steve nash plays "the way basketball is supposed to be played" which has always been code for "black people have ruined the NBA".

i'm not sure i follow your painted into a corner argument. especially since i feel that race was a factor last year. so for me, if they're making him MVP for the same reasons as last year, then yes, perceptions of race and sports most definitely factors into who wins the award.

yes it is interesting that magic didn't win it til bird got injured, especially in light of the fact that magic was the greatest player of the eighties. also in light of the fact that his team won 5 of the decade's 10 championships, with him being the MVP of each of those teams. p.s. magic won it in 1986, but still after bird won it three years in a row.

it's safe to say that the writers make wacky MVP decisions all the time, witness karl malone over jordan in 97, but this one seems especially egregious.