MFFL update

surely by now, most of you have heard that my beloved dallas mavericks will be in the NBA finals against the miami heat. and while there's still one more series to be played, there is something to be said about just making it to the last round. you see, when you lose in the final round, there's really nothing to wonder about, whereas if you lose in the next to last round, you have to sit around all off season pondering if you could have beaten the other team that made the finals. for example, pistons fans, no doubt believe that ben wallace could have put the clamps on dirk, and easily beaten the mavs, while suns fans are almost sure that there small ball would have worked against a slow team with a bunch of bad decision makers like the heat.

anyways, back when i was a kid, the mavs made it to game 7 of the western conference finals and they lost to the lakers. i do remember distinctly not feeling that bad about it, because after all, these were the showtime lakers and there's just no way that a team like that could have lost to the mavs. now looking back on it now, i realize even more how silly it was of me to entertain the idea of ro blackman outdueling magic freakin' johnson.

i might say the same today about either shaq or dwayne wade, but as fredo and i have discussed, i look out at the heat and i see jason williams, gary payton, and antoine walker, all just gigantic defensive liabilities, and i feel pretty good about the mavs' chances. even more so however, is simply jason williams' decision making ability, and it's hard to win if you're point guard is actually not good enough to start on half of the teams in the NBA.

anyways, like i said before, i'm just in a haze of euphoria that my hometeam has made it to the end. if the mavs lose, i'm sure i'll be crushed and it will hurt, but like i said, it's been more than 10 years since the cowboys won their last superbowl. like most sports fans, i rooted for teams, like the lakers or the red sox. but this is truly my team, not one that i've adopted for the sake of rooting for someone. and i'm damn happy to be watching the finals of anything and have a real authentic rooting interest.

p.s. i dropped 20 in the offseason on the mavs to win it all at 18-1. vegas has dallas as a 4.5 point favorite for the first game, and it has dallas at -155 and miami at +135. in other words, gamblor seems to like the mavs chances as well.



H8R said...

since ive been dead on during this post season with my predictions let me make one final one...

miami heat will DEMOLISH the Mavericks in 5! Why you ask? I have 2 names for you:

Erik Dampier and Diop. The way Shaq is playing hes going to kill them. Literally he is going to violate Erik Dampier in every humanly possible way...And if you think anyone on the Mavs, and this includes Josh Howard whos getting so much hype, can stop Dwayn Wade your smoking Tyrone's crack.

Funny how you speak of defensive liabilities when the Mavs D has more holes than your tighty whiteys bob...


ian said...

'06 Mavs over the Heat in 6.

'88 Mavs over the Heat in 5.

'88 Mavs over the '06 Mavs in 5.

Aguirre + Blackman + Harper + Donaldson + Schrempf + Tarpley + Perkins = One Colossal Beating

I've said for years that the 88 Mavs were the most underrated team to never make an NBA Finals. No, they wouldn't have beaten the 87-90 Pistons, 85-89 Lakers or 84-87 Celtics, but they'd have beaten any champion since 93.

Bob said...

i'm totally with you ian, but i have to admit i'm a bit puzzled by the inclusion of james donaldson in the mix. yeah, he was 7 ft, wore his socks to his knees, and looked like a serial killer, but he was far and away the weak link on that squad. the truth is tarpley should have started and everyone in town knew it as well, but he was just too young at that point. after that year he was just too hooked on crack cocaine to start.

daraka kenric said...

Bob- you gonna do some analysis of the world cup and racist fans, etc...

That shit is all you, yo.

ian said...

The cocaine was the source of his ability. When they cleaned him up, they ruined him.

Rob said...

I wlll root forthe Mavs since you could win $360!!