more sports quick hits

1) seriously, what the hell is going on with duke? jj redick gets pulled over for a DUI. here's his most excellent douchebag mugshot.

what i like best is the half popped collar. do you think that it's written in the student code of conduct of hoity-toity schools that all white guys have to have their collars of their polos popped at all times? and do you think it is located after the section that says its ok to rape people?

on the one hand, redick is only a late lottery to middle round first round pick, and two he's done with school so it's not like duke can suspend him or anything, so the tepid reaction by the media is not that big a deal. but you have to wonder, what if rudy gay had been pulled over instead?

2) here's an interesting piece about how shoe companies operate may be in violation of title IX. the gist of the argument is that all these shoe companies are providing some boys high school basketball teams with shoes, but not the girls team. therefore, the schools are not providing equal access to sports for both genders. it's a tricky legal argument, cuz the letter of the law is that schools need to provide "equal benefit" to both boys and girls, so clearly, even though it is the shoe company providing the shoes, since the school is accepting the shoes, they need to provide the same benefit for the girls. however, the spirit of the law is that schools can't prevent girls from participating, which schools aren't doing.

anyways, this could all be avoided easily by the shoe companies need to do is provide shoes for the girls too. even though girls' sports aren't as popular overall as the boys' sports, it still exposing the youth to their name brand. a whole new market to sell to. it actually makes business sense. however, my hope is that someone sues for two reasons. first, it's the fair thing to do. if you can secure free shoes for the boys, you can do so for the boys as well. second, it will bring alot of attention to the scam of expensive shoes, as i'm pretty sure anyone can show that athletic preformance and winning are completely uncorrelated with shoe brand.

3) the NBA player's union is against blood testing for human growth hormone, so they're basically giving players the green light to keep using it. i'm starting to think that we're never ever going to be able to figure out a good way to deal with steroids.

4) shaq is close to losing complete interest in this series. since it's the finals, i expect the heat to be able to muster one win, but as i said before, this thing is over. MFFL in 5. yeah i know a prediction after the series has already started is stupid, but i just wanted to let you know that i've already started celebrating.

5) this one is for my roommate, who has the unfortunate happenstance of being a detroit pistons fan. fredo and i were talking about how effective the double team has been for the mavs. we decided that the main reason for this is two fold. first, shaq is slower than he used to be and his free throw shooting is so bad, that shaq can't still score against the double team like he used to. second and more importantly, when he does pass out of the double team, which he does extremely well (watch the game tape, he almost always hits the open guy), the open guys that he is passing to are antoine walker and jason williams, and occasionally gary payton. real quick i heard a good line on the radio about the reason why riles is trotting out gary payton is that the league generally frowns upon teams having only four players on the floor. anyways, we realized that the idea of double teaming is not really rocket science, yet the pistons insisted upon playing shaq straight up with ben wallace, where shaq promptly proceeded to eat ben wallace for lunch. i'm usually not a fan of the idea of psychological reasons why teams lose, but in this case, i think that the pistons' hubris got the best of them as they felt that they were the detroit effing pistons and they're defense was good enough as is. probably most of the blame should be directed at the coach, flip saunders, but at the same time, the pistons were really full of themselves after the all star break. no matter however, as i'm sure that the mavericks could have handled the pistons as well. seriously, MFFL!


Erik said...

Dude, thank your lucky stars that the NBA scuttled the Pistons this year, because Rip and Tayshaun would have molested your effing Mavs. Geez.

Bob said...

how can you say that when the pistons got beat by a team with antoine walker, gary payton and jason williams? how does that equal beating the mavs. but as always, i don't begrudge your blind fanaticism, but all rules of logic would dictate the pistons would be destroyed by the mavs. the same way they got destroyed by the heat. and when i say destroyed, i mean getting beat 4 games to 2. seriously, antoine walker. think about it erik. antoine effing walker.

Ian said...

Matchups dictate a series, so when you're talking about elite teams you can't just say that victory over one team = victory over another.

Just for the sake of argument, the Pistons have three guys (Prince, and the two Wallaces) capable of guarding Dirk one-on-one better than any one guy on the Heat. That said, the Pistons are average (and sometimes awful) at guarding the low post, which gives an advantage to players like Shaq. This is also why the Utah Jazz beat them both times they played during the regular season. This is also why letting both Okur and Darko (yes, I said Darko) go was a big mistake.

Also, their team defense is not what it was two years ago, which is one of the reasons they contained Shaq for most of the LA series.

Detroit can afford to let Ben go... especially if they're able to pick up a 20 and 10 type of player. Ben is no threat on offense, and they could spread the floor better by forcing the other team to guard all five positions. Seriously, who could compete with a lineup of Hamilton, Billups, Wallace, Prince and Garnett? Throw in Mike James of the bench and the Pistons will have the championship back next year. Seriously, drop Ben.

Bob said...

i'm not against the matchup idea, but sometimes one team is a lot better than the other one. and sometimes when you trot out scrubs like antoine walker, gary payton and jason williams, well...seriously, i'm not saying the pistons aren't good, but put it this way, i think the heat would lose to phoenix or san antonio and i'm almost sure that the clippers could take them to at least 7. you can talk about matchups all you want, but the pistons got beat by a really terrible team. terrible.

H8R said...

not that the series is over but the mavs are all of a sudden looking quite awful. gary effin payton and antoine effin walker are holding their own--hitting game winning shots etc. and now the mavs look to be imploding--stackhouse with a flagarant foul he'll surely be fined for and dirk starting to do his finger pointing. i mean is it just me or has dirk played terrible during the entire series? i think we have a choker...

finally, the reality is bob that the longer the mavs let the series go the more they increase the chance that someone like walker, payton, or williams will have a break-out game. isnt that what 66 year old veterans are suppose to do? (have a break out game once every blue moon) if you disagree ask your roomate.

p.s. Dwayne Wade is freakin awesome! When he's hitting that mid-range jumper theres no stopping him.

ian said...

That's the thing about "dream teams" like the Heat. Williams, Payton and Walker aren't what they used to be, at least not on a consistent basis, and neither is Shaq.

Still, most veterans are able to pull out a stellar performance from time to time. That's the danger of the Heat. If they can get a good game from Wade and a good game from Shaq, then they'll probably beat you if they get a good performance out of any one other player and non-crippling performances from the rest of the cast.

This was the 1991-1998 Bulls contribution to basketball. Before this, you needed a cast like this:

1989 Pistons
Thomas - 12-time All Star
Dumars - 6-time All Star
Laimbeer - 4-time All Star
Aguirre - 3-time All Star
Rodman - 2-time All Star

... and you needed to get them all out on the floor at the same time. This is without mentioning the umpteen times Rodman and Dumars made all-defensive teams. The Lakers and Celtics also routinely fielded crews like this.

Now you can win a title with two monster stars, and this shouldn't be the case.

Erik said...

I'll tell you why you can win a title with two monster stars: because the NBA front office decided to let Dwayne Wade make a backcourt violation, an offensive foul, shoot 39% from the field, but take TWENTY FIVE free throws (as many as the entire Mavericks team) in order to be labeled a hero.

Just as Mark Cuban said, the NBA is fixing games to make their superstars look better. The Mavs are twice the team the Heat are, and there is no explanation for what happened in Game 5 except that the NBA wants Wade and the Heat to take this to 7 games. What a shame.

I mean, ESPN is putting up graphics of Wade next to Michael Jordan, and asking Scotty Pippen if Wade is as good as Jordan. It is so obvious that the NBA is doing everything in its power -- including ordering refs to give Wade whatever he needs to become a star.

EFF the NBA.