sports quick hits

1) roger clemens started his "comeback" in a minor league game yesterday. i just wanted to point out how farcical i think it is to consider this a comeback. when jordan took two years off to play minor league baseball, now that was a comeback. martina hingis playing again after not playing for two years, again a comeback. roger clemens missing the first two months of the season because he wanted to skip training camp...that's not a comeback.

2) jason grimsley got busted by the feds for human growth hormone. these steroid stories all have a tomkat/brangelina overkill to it. but if there's one thing that we probably know for sure now, is that people who we suspected of doing steroids but never got officially caught (giambi, bonds, lance armstrong) probably did human growth hormone.

3) robert lapchick released his annual minority hiring report card for sports and as usual, the NBA has lots of african-americans in front office and coaching spots, while the other sports do not. as usual, people write one story about it and then forget it. what someone needs to do is to do an analysis of the findings across time to see how things have progressed since the first time they did it. i suspect that i will be the one to do it once i get out of grad school.


ian said...

Most of the steroidal players have been using "the cream" and "the clear." Both of those designer steroids are undetectable to most drug screenings because of the way they break down in an athlete's system. That's why many players have been able to cheat with impunity.

Ian said...

Hey, Bob, be careful not to say African American when the story says "Black." That's like singling out a group as "Chinese" when the text says "Asian." Seriously, when people call me "African American" it can get pretty irritating.

For instance, consider the following famous "African Americans":

Dominique Wilkins
Sidney Poitier
Lenny Kravitz
Slick Rick
Tim Duncan
Notorious BIG
Busta Rhymes
Barack Obama

None of these guys are ethnically African-American. African American refers to descendants of Black American slaves.

Bob said...

in response to ian's comments

1) the way i understand it, they used to not be able to detect the cream and the clear, but they have since developed a urine test for it. the cream and the clear used to be the way that players cheated without being caught. however, the point is, that after the whole steroid story blew up and they adopted new testing policies, we were supposed to believe that sports were cleaner, when everyone and their mom knew that they couldn't get caught because the new policy in baseball only allowed for urine tests. so the point is the problem never went away even when we figured out steroids, because we still haven't figured out hgh.

2) you are correct, i actually should have included all people of color since reports include all of that. however, i would argue that the most salient issue right now is with african americans, since they are traditionally, the most disproportionately unrepresented.