still MFFL

what can i say? the mavs lost and there's not a damn thing i can do about it. do i feel that the officiating was capricious, egregious and outrageous? of course, i'm a fan, how can i not feel that way. but at the same time, i recognize that dallas had several opportunities to win three of the games that they lost. dirk missed a whole lot of shots this series. so did josh howard. and dwayne wade made alot of them, albeit from the free throw line. anyways, this reminds me of why i prefer my teams to be dominant, so that i never have to really worry about losing the big one and having to sit with it for a whole freakin' year. even more so, why it's so hard to be a sports fan when part of that equation means being disappointed so greatly, and then realizing no matter how good of a fan you are, you have no material effect on the outcome of the game.

anyways, congrats to any heat fans out there. i can bitch all i want about how the mavs are a better team, and how this series turned on two calls that were probably really really bad calls, but at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that you have the trophy. as for the mavs and the future, i say keep this group together. maybe get keith van horn off the books and look for someone who can score in the paint, although truth be told there are only about four guys left in the NBA who can still do this. no no no, keep the core together. next year, josh howard is going to be better, devin harris is going to be better, desagana diop is going to be better, and most importantly, dirk is going to be better. he's only 28 you know. and don't forget that he's german. i fully expect this team to take it to the next level next year, win the division, and sweep their way to their first title.

and now for the bitching about the officiating part, which as a good fan, i am obliged to do. like i mentioned earlier, this series could have very well gone the other way had these two calls been made correctly. what's really frustrating for me is how the officiating style changed from the rest of the playoffs to this series. before we had a fast paced game where players were allowed to do the things that they are supposed to and those players who relied on poor basketball skills were punished. in other words, offenses flowed better, defense was more exciting, and games didn't devolve into rugby scrums. i don't think it is a coincidence that the finals were a much blander and not as entertaining brand of basketball. my main problem involves the two fouls involving dwyane wade or however the hell you spell his name. the phantom foul on dirk in game five was horrible. as fredo and i discussed, what basically happened was that wade had lost the handle and was flailing around completely out of control, and the officials bailed him out. some people say that devin harris had fouled him and there's even a picture floating around the internet that supposedly shows him fouling. however, in the picture, wade is already in the air, which means that harris got him after the whistle had already blown. even if there was any contact, we've seen a lot, and i mean a whole effin' lot worse not get called at the end of the game. how any ref calls it, also let's not forget that the ref that called it was at half court, and was much further away than the other officials, is a mystery to me. anyways, i've taken it upon myself to recreate the scene. erik, the white guy with the mavericks shirt on is dirk nowitzki. me, the ragin' asian with the headband on is dwyane wade. sorry i don't have a basketball and we needed at least one sports related prop in there. also, we reviewed the tapes for hours to ensure painstaking 110% complete absolute truthy accuracy. you can rest easy knowing that these photos are almost like being at the game and seeing it with your own eyes.

dirk was at least two feet away and wade flinging the toward the heat bench hoping that riley can hide the ball in his thinning hair lacquer. result: foul on nowitzki.

the second call that i'd like to talk about is in game six. mavs down by three, with a minute left, wade has the ball and penetrates, he clears nowitzki with his right arm. again, we'll recreate the scene for you here.

calling upon a move that he learned in pop warner football in chicago, wade uses his right arm to stiff arm an unsuspecting nowitzki. also note the blatant disrespect of the rev. dr. martin luther king, jr. result: foul on nowitzki.

the point is wade was getting calls that i'm not sure that jordan would've gotten in his prime. those calls go the other ways, there is no doubt in my mind that the mavs are sipping champagne right now instead of me taking hot sports action photos. anyways, there were a couple of other instances where i felt that wade blatantly got the benefit of the doubt. i'd like to remind you that these photos have been painstakingly recreated to ensure complete accuracy. you be the judge.

here we see wade making fist to jaw contact with nowitzki. it's a physical game, but this at least should have been called a jumpball. result: foul on nowtizki.

now here we see wade applying his patented sleeper hold on dirk. i could be wrong, but i'm pretty sure that martial arts based submission holds are grounds for a loose ball foul. result: foul on nowitzki

now this is just plain dirty. flagrant 1, dirk should be at the line shooting two, one for each testicle. result: foul on nowitzki.

what can i say, the photos don't lie. we'll see whoever the eastern conference can muster up next year. MFFL, bitch!


An admiring student said...

Wow, Bob, I had no idea you possessed such athleticism!

glomgold said...

I like Wade (not gonna try to spell his first name) but it's really tough watching NBA games when refs feel the need to give those "Jordan/Kobe" calls to someone. It was an ominous sign, that first Nets/Heat game of the season when the refs fucked a last second call which won the game for the Heat. I should've just turned the TV off and waited until 2006-07.
And that Reddick guy always looks like a douche. Nice posts.