espn gets even worse

harold reynolds got shitcanned from ESPN's baseball tonight. reynolds, in my estimation is easily the most affable guy on that show. not afraid to disagree with someone but doesn't do it for the sake of just disagreeing, jokes around just enough, and will dish out criticism appropriately. he was still a little bit of a player's guy, but i always got the sense that he understood that some ex-players (hi john kruk!) take it too far. with gammons out indefinitely while recovering from a brain aneurysm, there's really no reason to watch this show anymore. tino matinez, steve phillips, and buck martinez all suck. kruk is all right but he's dense and doesn't add much insight.

anyways, there's no word on why reynolds was let go, but we'll keep an eye out for you. seriously, is there even a question as to who is the best guy on that show is? why does espn do everything in my power to make me stop watching them. and why do i keep watching?

UPDATE 10:05PM - according to deadspin and a bunch of other sources, harold got the boot for sexual harassment. is it harassment when you're as handsome as this?

i don't know about you guys, but that's a handsome black man if i ever saw one.


Gabriel Angel said...

... "as handsome as this" lol that's classic. He probably got caught banging an intern or something. A least we don't have to talk about Zidane anymore ... damn it I did it again.

Ian said...

A "handsome black man"? I'll suppress the urge to twist your words into an implication that what you're really saying is that he's handsome "for a black man." Look for racism and you'll find it everywhere.

About possible sexual involvement with an intern... he wouldn't be the first who tried. One of my friends from Medill (a brilliant and gorgeous young reporter) says she kept receiving dinner invitations, limo rides and other gifts from a married ESPN staff member far more famous (and far less handsome black man) than Harold Reynolds.

I don't know whether or not she ever put out, but she admitted to taking him up on dinner once or twice, and accepted a limo ride or two as well.

hater said...

settle down booker t...i would gamble to say that we dont look for racism but since it's all around us (i.e. its structural) we cant help but "run into it". however, typical of a conservative such as yourself to blame the person being victimized for their own victimization.

anyhow, im sure all those analysts get all kinds of play. think about it, most of them are former professional athletes and theyre always on the road for broadcasts etc. so if they really want to whats stopping them from booty galore? harold just messed up and tried to hustle within his place of business. rookie mistake player...

Ian said...

Booker T was a genius. And I only blame people who cite racism as the most debilitating force in the universe the moment one white person (such as myself) looks at them cross eyed.

Enough about that.

Harold should know better than to make a rookie mistake like that. He's been around for far too long.

If you're on television regularly, you don't even have to try to pick up girls. Rather, you'll be fighting them off. When I was reporting for FOX (St. Thomas) in DC, I had the following conversation at a dance club.

Girl: What's your name?

Me: Ian.

Girl: What do you do?

Me: I just finished my master's at Northwestern, but I was working out here as a reporter for FOX in the USVI.

Girl (after 2 minutes of dancing): Will you have sex with me?

Ian: Excuse me?

Girl: Will you have sex with me?

Ian: What?

Girl: Will you have sex with me?

Ian: ... ... I have to go. My friends are waiting on me.

Given that this girl was hotter than any that had ever hit on me before, and considering that I'd never been given the "all clear" so quickly in my life, I'm assuming it was the air time, and no other factor, that contributed to her alacrity in flagging me in for a landing.

Of course, I'd like to think it's because I'm built like an NFL safety... but I doubt it.

Bob said...

i can see how that might be the implication of "handsome black man", however, i was trying to critique another racist stereotype of black men as having some sort of exotic sexual prowess. i.e. whenever i say that TO has a hot bod, (which he does), i mean that as a way to point out the fact that sports is a vehicle for continuing this stereotype where the black body is on display for spectacle, that's all.

chris berman is notorious for being a ladies man, although i find it hard to believe since he's about 400 lbs and is basically a cartoon representation of everything that is wrong with espn. so ian, i don't find your anecdote all that surprising. although you are built like an NFL safety. and a handsome black man. see how consciously injected race into that. i can't say for sure that the lady in DC had racialized ideas about how you'd be in the sack, but i know plenty of people who do.

lastly, i have a story of ahmad rashad doing the same thing to one of my friends in the network television days in chicago. and this was when he was still married to mrs. huxtable.

anyways, the larger issue here is why espn wno't say anything about it. i need to know why i have to endure jeff brantley and steve phillips when wanting my baseball highlights.

on another note, if you notice, i throw the word handsome quite a bit on this blog, just cuz i think it's an inherently funny word. i.e. if someone were to describe me as "cute" or "good-looking" or "hot", it'd be no big deal, but if someone called me handsome, as a suit salesman once told me as i was trying one on, i'm all giggles cuz it sounds so old timey.

Bob said...

p.s. i can't believe you didn't knock that shit out ian.

Ian said...

That's just not me, Bob. That's just not me. When the third thing a girl asks you is whether or not you'll have sex with her, it's a little intimidating and more than a little scary.

TO's jock, bitch said...

bob - i think you're being discriminatory toward handsome men. they can do everything ugly men can do, including harass women. hell, with a tampon, handsome men can also go roller skating, horseback riding, swimming...seriously, though, did anyone find out exactly where he touched karl ravech? i'll bet he was asking for it. he probably borrowed one of john kruk's slutty outfits, the damn whore.

Erik said...

Let me get this straight.

Michael Irvin has cocaine in his car. And he hits on Ian's friend. And he gets to cover the Super Bowl after that.

Then, Harold Reynolds has an accusation leveled at him which is apparently not terrible enough to warrant criminal charges (at least not as far as we know yet), and he's fired on the spot.

Why is Irvin so special? Is he white or something?

Bob said...

not to be a total dallas cowboys homer, but the word on the street, is that michael irvin, despite his problems with drugs is supposedly one of the most likable guys ever to play in the NFL. i've heard that everyone, and i mean everyone in football loves partying with this guy (and can you blame them?). i have no idea what harold reynolds relationship with the top brass in bristol is like, but i've read that michael irvin basically talked his way out of getting fired. so to answer your question, in that respect he is special in that he has super duper people skills. also, please don't forget that he's the playmaker. and that he's a handsome black man.

Ian said...

For the record, the guy I'm talking about is not Michael Irvin either. I'm just saying.

H8R said...

What Ian's really trying to say is that Stuart Scott wanted his friend to lube up his eyeball with some Windex!

and by the way, i'll assume you meant to say that the Booker T you referred to as a genius is the one from WWE...Harlem Heat was dope!

Ian said...

I like that Booker T, too! Or as he's now known... "King Booker."

Oh screw it. It was Wilbon.

Bob said...

wilbon? whoa! didn't see that coming! ian, you're so gonna get blackballed for this. luckily for you, nobody reads this blog except for you guys.

Ian said...

Hey, all I know is what I was told. If she was making it up, she probably would have picked a more handsome black man.